FIGURE 3-6 Shared Flood Risk Management: “Buying Down Risk.”
SOURCE: Riley, 2008.

more accurately inventory, evaluate, and classify the roughly 14,000 miles of federal levees. Improved inventories of flood risk management dams and levees are critical components of asset management and portfolio planning.

Lessons from Flood Risk Infrastructure and Policy

In considering national flood protection infrastructure needs and priorities, the Corps of Engineers plays an important leadership role, but the Corps is only one of numerous federal, state, local, and other actors in national flood protection policies and activities. Levees and floodwalls protect communities, private structures, key infrastructure, and an extensive mix of public and private resources. These structures provide many benefits to tens of thousands of U.S. communities. However, despite varying levels of protection provided by these structures, even well designed and well maintained engineering structures can be overtopped by floods. Flood damage risk also involves policies such as zon-

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