Sinead Farrell, University of Maryland

Jennifer Francis, Rutgers University

Jean-Claude Gascard, Université Pierre et Marie Curie

Deb Glickson, National Research Council

Jeff Gossett, USN Arctic Submarine Laboratory

Marika Holland, National Center for Atmospheric Research

Amy Holman, NOAA National Ocean Service

Gary Hufford, National Weather Service—Alaska Region

Elizabeth Hunke, Los Alamos National Laboratory

Jenny Hutchings, University of Alaska, Fairbanks

Janet Intrieri, NOAA Earth System Research Laboratory

Alexandra Jahn, National Center for Atmospheric Research

Brendan Kelly, Interagency Arctic Research Policy Committee

Ron Kwok, NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory

Ron Lindsay, University of Washington

Jim Maslanik, University of Colorado, Boulder

Wieslaw Maslowski, Naval Postgrad School

Larry Mayer, University of New Hampshire

LCDR Blake McBride, U.S. Navy

Molly McCammon, Alaska Ocean Observing System

Walt Meier, National Snow and Ice Data Center

Vera Metcalf, Eskimo Walrus Commission

Son Nghiem, Jet Propulsion Laboratory/Caltech

Jim Overland, NOAA Pacific Marine Environmental Laboratory

Don Perovich, Cold Regions Research and Engineering Laboratory

Andrey Proshutinsky, Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution

Amanda Purcell, National Research Council

Robert Raye, Shell Projects and Technology

Jackie Richter-Menge, Cold Regions Research and Engineering Laboratory

Ignatius Rigor, University of Washington

Mike Terminel, Edison Chouest Offshore

Katie Thomas, National Research Council

Peter Wadhams, University of Cambridge

John Walsh, University of Alaska, Fairbanks

Justin Wettstein, National Center for Atmospheric Research

Jim White, University of Colorado, Boulder

Rebecca Woodgate, University of Washington

Jinlun Zhang, University of Washington

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