Dr. Lucille Lange, Program Advisor, Toxicologic Modeling

LTC Rick Probst, Deputy Chief, Research Support Division

Dr. Ben Capacio, Program Advisor, Medical Diagnostics and Forensics

Mr. Jonathon Oyler, Chemist, Team Leader for BB Area

The committee also met with program advisors and deputy program advisors, division chiefs and deputy division chiefs, and management personnel for a roundtable discussion.

At ECBC the committee toured the McNamara Life Science Building, which houses the inhalation chamber, the standoff detection team, the genomics laboratory, and BSL-3 laboratories; the Mobile Laboratory Systems; the Advanced Chemistry Laboratory, which houses Decontamination Science, the Filter Testing Laboratory, and the Synthesis Laboratory; and the Sample Receipt Facility. Following the facility tours, committee members met with the principle investigators for wrap-up discussions then returned to the original meeting room for a roundtable discussion with facility management personnel.

The presentations and tours were led by the following people:

Dr. Joseph Corriveau, Director, Research and Technology

COL Ray Compton, Military Deputy

Dr. John Carpin, Biomedical Engineer

Dr. Christopher Whalley, (Acting) Division Chief, Toxicology and Obscurants

Dr. Mary Wade, (Acting) Branch Chief, BioDefense

Mr. Richard Vanderbeek, Branch Chief, Laser Standoff Detection

Dr. Sandy Gibbons, Research Microbiologist

Dr. Carrie Poore, Team Leader, Advanced CBRNE Training Team

Mr. George Noya, Team Leader, Mobile Labs and Kits Team

Dr. Teri Lalain, Branch Chief, Decontamination Sciences

Dr. Brent Mantooth, Principle Investigator, Modeling Simulation and Analysis

Mr. Matt Shue, (Acting) Branch Chief, Decontamination Sciences

Dr. Frederick Cox, (Acting) Division Chief, CB Protection and Decontamination

Dr. Fred Berg, Division Chief, Chemical Sciences

Mr. Chris Druyor, Chemical Engineering Technician

Mr. Jerry Pfarr, Microbiologist, Chemical Operations Branch

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