JRO-CBRND: Operational Elements and Functional Capabilities.


Biological Point Detection

Biological Standoff Detection

CBRN Reconnaissance

Chemical Point Detection

Chemical Standoff Detection

Field Analytics

Medical Diagnostics

Radiological Point Detection

Radiological Standoff Detection


Operating Environment Analysis

Operating Environment Mgmt Systems

Integrated Early Warning

Medical Surveillance

Methods of Control


Biological Therapeutics

Chemical Therapeutics

Equipment Contamination Mitigation

Fixed Site Contamination Mitigation

Hazardous Waste Control

Personnel Contamination Mitigation

Radiological Therapeutics

Remains Disposition


Biological Prophylaxis

Respiratory and Ocular Protection

Chemical Prophylaxis

Expeditionary Collective Protection

Fixed Site Collective Protection

Percutaneous Protection

Radiological Prophylaxis

JPEO-CBD: Product Acquisition Areas

Joint Program Manager (JPM) Information Systems (JPM-IS)

JPM Nuclear, Biological, and Chemical Contamination Avoidance (JPM-NBC CA)

JPM Biological Defense (JPM-BD)

JPM Chemical and Biological Medical Systems (JPM-CBMS)

JPM Transformational Medical Technologies

JPM Individual Protection (JPM-IP)

JPM Collective Protection (JPM-ColPro)

JPM Decontamination (JPM-Decon)

JPM Guardian (JPM-Guardian)

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