Questionnaire for Technology Transfer Professionals

The California Institute for Regenerative Medicine (CIRM) has asked the Institute of Medicine (IOM) to provide an independent assessment of CIRM’s programs, operations, and performance. The IOM Committee on a Review of the California Institute for Regenerative Medicine will assess the organization’s initial processes, its programmatic and scientific scope, organizational and management systems, funding model, and intellectual property policies.

To help the committee address its charge, the committee has a very particular interest in how technology transfer professionals at institutions that perform CIRM-funded research assess CIRM’s intellectual property policies.

Question 1: Are you familiar with the intellectual property (IP) policies of CIRM? If so, please complete the remaining questions.

Question 2: Overall what do you think of the CIRM IP policies?

Question 3: Do CIRM’s IP policies differ in important respects from those of other sponsors of research? If so, please explain.

Question 4: Compared to other sponsors of research, does CIRM provide adequate support for the technology transfer activities of its grantees?

Question 5: Has your office received any invention disclosures involving CIRM-funded research in your institution?

Question 6: How many such disclosures has your office received?

Question 7: Have you filed patent applications or sought to license IP rights for any CIRM-funded inventions?

Question 8: How many CIRM-funded inventions have you sought to patent and/or license?

Question 9: Are you currently in licensing discussion concerning any such inventions?

Question 10: Have the CIRM IP policies played a significant role in considerations of how your office will handle inventions arising from CIRM-funded research?

Question 11: To your knowledge, have the CIRM IP policies had any impact on your ability to find licensees for CIRM-funded inventions?

Question 12: How in your view could CIRM IP policies be enhanced or improved?

Question 13: Please feel free to share any further thoughts you might have on IP policies and technology transfer related to CIRM-funded research. You may also e-mail documents or other information to

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