Questionnaire for CIRM Industry Partners

The California Institute for Regenerative Medicine (CIRM) has asked the Institute of Medicine (IOM) to provide an independent assessment of CIRM’s programs, operations, and performance. The IOM Committee on a Review of the California Institute for Regenerative Medicine will assess the organization’s initial processes, its programmatic and scientific scope, organizational and management systems, funding model, and intellectual property policies.

To help the committee address its charge, entities in current partnership with CIRM are invited to share their thoughts and concerns about CIRM.

Question 1: What is the nature of your partnership(s) with CIRM? How/why was the partnership initiated? Who initiated it? If the partnership involves collaborating with academic scientists in California, how critical was CIRM to forming the partnership?

Question 2: Was the process of assembling the partnership easy to arrange relative to other partnerships in which you have participated?

Question 3: How critical is the research being conducted to your business? Does the partnership fill a gap in funding unmet by other sources?

Question 4: What, if anything, is unique about partnering with CIRM?

Question 5: Are you satisfied with the ongoing management of the partnership? How could management be improved?

Question 6: Would you expect your partnerships with CIRM to grow, remain at current levels or decline?

Question 7: Have the intellectual property (IP) and revenue sharing policies and the Consumer Access requirements of CIRM been a significant consideration in entering into partnership with CIRM? What do you think of those policies? Have you licensed CIRM-funded IP? Are you in discussions to license IP arising from your partnership with CIRM or other CIRM-funded research?

Question 8: How could existing CIRM programs and processes be enhanced or improved?

Question 9: Have CIRM funding and projects enhanced the biotech industry in California? How could CIRM engage/support industry better?

Question 10: If you have additional thoughts about how CIRM can improve its programs and initiatives to meet its scientific goals or would like to share information related to the committee’s work, please use the space provided below to do so. You may also e-mail documents or articles to support your testimony to

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