Peter Cunningham, Center for Studying Health System Change
  Trends in insurance coverage—insured and uninsured—and their impact on medical out-of-pocket expenses, including insurance premiums.
Gary Claxton, Kaiser Family Foundation
James Ziliak, Director, University of Kentucky Center for Poverty Research
  Floor Discussion and Comments
12:30–1:15pm Working Lunch
1:15–2:45pm SESSION THREE
Cathy Schoen, The Commonwealth Fund
  Issues in Defining Resources—What is included in income in determining medical care economic risk in terms of ability to pay for insurance and for medical out-of-pocket expenses? How to treat assets in addition to income; what constitutes income for the self-employed? How do the elderly and other groups finance medical care?
  Overview of background paper by Jessica Banthin and Didem Bernard: Using Income and Asset Data from the Medical Expenditure Panel Survey, Assess the Distribution of Resources and Different Ways of Measuring Resources Available to Retired, Self-Employed, and Employed Families for Medical Expenses, Including Insurance Premiums.
Jessica Banthin, CBO

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