TABLE 5-2 Collection of Variables Needed to Produce an Annual Prospective Measure of Medical Care Economic Risk

Measures of Health
     General health status (poor to excellent) X X X X
     Activity limitations Xa X X Xa
     Functional limitations X X
     Chronic medical conditions X X
Measures of Health Insurance Coverage
     Current health insurance coverage Xb X X X
     Services/treatments covered
     Potential liability for out-of-pocket costs
     Current health insurance premiums
Measures of Medical Expenditures
     Prior year insurance premiums X Xc Xd
     Prior year out-of-pocket expenditures X X e Xd
Measures of Resources
     Earned income X X X X X
     Unearned income X X X X
     In-kind benefits Xf g g
     Taxes paid Xh i
     Child support paid X
     Commuting expenses Xh
     Child care expenses X X
     Liquid assets Xj Xk
Measures of Family Relationships
     Relationship to the householder X X X X l
     All parent-child relationships X X X
     All marital relationships X X X

NOTES: ACS = American Community Survey; CE = Consumer Expenditure Survey; CPS ASEC = Current Population Survey Annual Social and Economic Supplement; MEPS = Medical Expenditure Panel Survey; NHIS = National Health Interview Survey.

aBlindness, deafness, and limitations in four activities of daily living are the only items collected.

bCoverage by type is ever in the prior calendar year rather than at the time of the survey.

cCollected for private health insurance but not for Medicare.

dExpenditures during the past quarter are collected in each quarterly interview.

eIncludes questions on the financial burden posed by medical care.

fFood stamp (SNAP) benefits are reported, as is the receipt of other in-kind benefits, but the value of these other benefits is simulated.

gFood stamp (SNAP) benefits are the only in-kind benefits collected.

hAmounts are simulated rather than reported.

iIncome taxes withheld from earnings are collected.

jAssets are collected only once per panel, so they will be present for only half of an annual sample. Asset data are not included in the public use file.

kFinancial assets are collected, but retirement accounts are not separated from other accounts.

lData are collected for the consumer unit rather than the family or household. It is not possible to reconstruct data for health insurance units when they differ from consumer units.

SOURCE: Developed by the panel from published questionnaires and codebooks.

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