7. Structure

a. To what extent is the research organization’s structure (reporting and accountability system) congruent and in alignment with the strategy and mission?

8. Systems (Policies and Procedures)

a. To what extent do members of the organization have the resources that they need to accomplish their work?

b. To what extent is the reward structure supportive of good work on the part of all organization members?

c. To what extent are organization members informed about matters that are pertinent to their work?

d. Does staff evaluation use appropriate metrics?

9. Work Unit Climate: To what extent are organizational members at the work-unit level:

a. Clear about what is expected of them?

b. Informally recognized by their managers and peers for outstanding work?

c. Mutually supported by one another?

d. Communicated with in a timely fashion?

e. Involved in decisions that directly affect them?

10. Motivation

f. What is the level of job satisfaction of organizational members, particularly staff?

g. How would one rate the degree of morale in the organization?

h. To what extent are members of the organization engaged in and committed to their work responsibilities?

i. Motivation will follow naturally if the following two issues are dealt with adequately in the organization:

i. Task Requirements and individual skills and/or abilities: To what extent is there a good fit or match between organization members’ talents and/or competencies and the job responsibilities that they hold?

ii. Individual Needs and Values: To what degree is there congruence between individual members’ beliefs and values and the culture of the organization?

11. Individual and Organizational Performance: What metrics and indicators are used for:

j. Individual performance,

k. Work-unit performance, and

l. Performance of the organization as a whole?

m. Are these appropriate?

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