various attributes. One important advantage to the approach developed by the committee is that while life-years saved, cost-effectiveness ratios, and other traditional measures are still available for selection, SMART Vaccines allows users to evaluate vaccine candidates based on many other important attributes, including, for example, the benefits to vulnerable populations or the potential to improve production platforms or delivery methods.

After Phase I of the project had been completed, the NVPO commissioned the IOM to collect feedback and to continue the development of SMART Vaccines, which the second committee has done, taking into account information obtained from a public workshop and from the presentations of various committee member carried out at the beginning of Phase II. The committee’s task, as laid out by the NVPO, also included expanding the vaccine datasets to include at least three more vaccine candidates. In addition to the influenza, tuberculosis, and group B streptococcus vaccines tested in Phase I, the committee included human papillomavirus, pneumococcal infection, and rotavirus as test vaccine candidates for both the United States and South Africa (the same two countries considered in Phase I) in this study. Box S-1 provides the complete charge to the committee for its Phase II work.

Committee on Identifying and Prioritizing
New Preventive Vaccines for Development, Phase II

Institute of Medicine
Statement of Task

Task 1: Engage stakeholders and obtain feedback about the usefulness of the prototype model developed in Phase I for prioritizing new preventive vaccines for development.

Task 2: Make modifications to the prototype model and test three additional pre-determined vaccine candidates of domestic and global importance.

Task 3: Prepare a report containing the enhanced model, test results, and recommendations for strategies toward developing a catalog of vaccine targets.

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