Choices of Attributes in SMART Vaccines 1.0

Health Considerations

• Premature Deaths Averted per Year

• Incident Cases Prevented per Year

• QALYs Gained or DALYs Averted

Economic Considerations

• Net Direct Costs (Savings) of Vaccine Use per Year

• Workforce Productivity Gained per Year

• One-Time Costs

• Cost-Effectiveness ($/QALY or $/DALY)

Demographic Considerations

• Benefits Infants and Children

• Benefits Women

• Benefits Socioeconomically Disadvantaged

• Benefits Military Personnel

• Benefits Other Priority Population

Public Concerns

• Availability of Alternative Public Health Measures

• Potential Complications Due to Vaccines

• Disease Raises Fear and Stigma in the Public

• Serious Pandemic Potential

Scientific and Business Considerations

• Likelihood of Financial Profitability for the Manufacturer

• Demonstrates New Production Platforms

• Existing or Adaptable Manufacturing Techniques

• Potential Litigation Barriers Beyond Usual

• Interests from NGOs and Philanthropic Organizations

Programmatic Considerations

• Potential to Improve Delivery Methods

• Fits into Existing Immunization Schedules

• Reduces Challenges Relating to Cold-Chain Requirements

Intangible Values

• Eradication or Elimination of the Disease

• Vaccine Raises Public Health Awareness

Policy Considerations

• Interest for National Security, Preparedness, and Response

• Advances Nation’s Foreign Policy Goals

User-Defined Attributes

• Up to Seven Attributes

NOTE: DALYs = disability-adjusted life years; NGOs = nongovernmental organizations; QALYs = quality-adjusted life years.

Attributes and Weights: This portion of SMART Vaccines is its most novel feature. Users can select from 28 attributes arranged in eight categories. The committee chose to retain the original attribute list following the discussions with various stakeholders during Phase I, with an addition of a ninth category of user-defined attributes, which allows up to seven qualitative attributes defined by the user (see Table S-1). Attributes concerning health and economic considerations are calculated by the computational submodel with the provided data while the remaining attributes are value

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