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facilities, reviewing summaries of the visits, and generally responding to follow-up inquiries. Several committee members were involved in the site visits: Alice G. Gosfield, Robert A. Berenson, John M. Burns, John M. Eisenberg, Nathan Hershey, Carol Ann Lockhart, Cynthia L. Polich, and Bruce S. Wolff.

The authors of three commissioned papers also contributed to the committee's understanding of issues. Two papers are published in Appendixes A and B of the report. One other paper, which is not included but is available from the committee upon request, also provided useful background information in an area that was not dealt with explicitly by the committee. This paper on Medicaid cost-containment strategies was prepared by Robert E. Hurley, Pennsylvania State University, and Deborah Anne Freund, a member of the committee. During regular meetings, the committee heard presentations on utilization management from several individuals: Ed Zalta, CaPP Care; Paul Gertman, ClinMan, Inc.; and Marcia Gold, Group Health Association of America.

Several committee members drafted materials to assist in developing the report. Neil Hollander reviewed problems with evaluating the savings claimed for utilization management programs. Nathan Hershey developed an analysis of the contents of contracts between utilization management organizations and their clients. Alice G. Gosfield prepared a background paper on utilization management in peer review organizations, and Michael Herbert provided background discussion on utilization management in health maintenance organizations. Suggestions about what purchasers should look for in utilization management organizations were contributed by Robert Patricelli, Karen Ignani, Michael E. Herbert, Alice G. Gosfield, John M. Burns, and Howard L. Bailit. Alan R. Nelson discussed physician concerns and responsibilities.

For the first year of the project, Richard H. Egdahl chaired the committee. Dr. Egdahl has since continued to serve as a member of the committee and kindly extended invitations to committee staff to attend meetings organized for Pew Foundation Corporate Fellows at Boston University. During the second year, Jerome H. Grossman chaired the committee as it developed its conclusions, outlined the report, and planned next steps.

The initial idea for this project came from Bradford H. Gray, who secured much of its funding, organized the planning session, and served as study director through December 1988. The project would not have existed without his initiative. When Dr. Gray left for Yale University, Marilyn J. Field joined the project as the committee defined its views, and she took major responsibility for drafting the report. Dr. Field will continue as study director for further work by the committee. Margaret Walkover was research associate for the early months of the project. Susan E. Sherman, who served as research associate during the summer of 1987, went on all the

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