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49 SUMMARY OF FINDINGS OF LITERATURE duration of driving, nor on the effects of prolonged work hours or increased driving time from 10 to 11 hr while decreasing The review of the available literature has excluded the end overall work time from 15 to 14 hr on the general health of points of fatigue, accidents, and road safety. The available workers. No data are available concerning the effects of information has reviewed topics concerning driver health, allowing for increased sleep time from 6 to 8 hr in an adult with emphasis on chronic conditions. working population. The literature indicates lung cancer is likely caused by exposures to diesel exhaust and the longer that exposure lasts the more likely it is that a cancer will develop. Though the evidence for exposure as a truck driver causing bladder can- BIBLIOGRAPHY OF PRIMARY AND SECONDARY SOURCES cer is less robust than that for cancer of the lung, it remains likely that there is such a relationship and that it is governed Primary by a positive dose-response curve. The literature offers evidence that cardiovascular disease is Cardiovascular Disease caused in part by truck driving and its risk increases with the duration of this activity and the disruption of the sleep cycle. Gustavsson, P., Plato, N., Hallqvist, J., Hogstedt, C., Lewne, The literature indicates that it is clear based on exposure M., Reuterwall, C., and Scheele, P. "A population-based assessments and the knowledge of the relationship between case-referent study of myocardial infarction and occupa- noise and hearing loss that this could well be a result of a tional exposure to motor exhaust, other combustion prod- working lifetime as a driver with increasing likelihood based ucts, organic solvents, lead, and dynamite. Stockholm Heart on duration of exposure depending on truck design. This Epidemiology Program (SHEEP) Study Group." Epidemi- effect would be mitigated by improvement in cab design ology. 2001 Mar;12(2):2228. reported to be occurring with a consequent reduction in the Sokejima, S. and Kagamimori, S. "Working hours as a risk fac- intensity of noise that reaches the driver. tor for acute myocardial infarction in Japan: case-control The evidence concerning a relationship between WBV and study." BMJ. 1998 Sep 19;317(7161):77580. musculoskeletal effects, such as LBP syndrome, relies pri- marily on self-reporting and application of risks derived from other environments. There are several studies available that Lung Cancer contain objective evidence of vertebral pathology related to an occupation as a professional driver. The available litera- Bruske-Hohlfeld, I., Mohner, M., Ahrens, W., Pohlabeln, H., ture supports the hypothesis that there is likely a causative Heinrich, J., Kreuzer, M., Jockel, K.H., and Wichmann, relationship between professional driving and a variety of H.E. "Lung cancer risk in male workers occupationally vertebral disorders as well as LBP syndrome. While it is log- exposed to diesel motor emissions in Germany." Am J Ind ical to assume, and the literature suggests, a role for WBV in Med. 1999 Oct;36(4):40514. the genesis of these disorders, it cannot be established based Soll-Johanning, H., Bach, E., and Jensen, S.S. "Lung and on current published materials. bladder cancer among Danish urban bus drivers and tram- The literature related to CMV driving and other muscu- way employees: a nested case-control study." Occup Med loskeletal disorders suffers from the same limitations and (Lond). 2003 Feb;53(1):2533. while a causative relationship is logical it can only be viewed Steenland, K., Deddens, J., and Stayner, L. "Diesel exhaust and as suggestive within this context. lung cancer in the trucking industry: exposure-response The literature indicates that GI disorders would be expected analyses and risk assessment." Am J Ind Med. 1998 to be impacted by varying shift assignments and disruption to Sep;34(3):2208. normal circadian rhythm. While the information currently available documents an increase in symptoms, it is inade- quate to implicate the specific risk factors that impact on these symptoms. Bladder Cancer and Other Cancers The literature suggests, but does not establish, that disrup- tion of circadian rhythm may have negative impacts on the Boffetta, P. and Silverman, D.T. "A meta-analysis of bladder general health status of workers. The stabilization of shift cancer and diesel exhaust exposure." Epidemiology. 2001 especially when stabilized to a day schedule appears to have Jan;12(1):12530. a beneficial effect on subjective health complaints though sta- Colt, J.S., Baris, D., Stewart, P., Schned, A.R., Heaney, J.A., bilizing to an evening or night schedule may not provide the Mott, L.A., Silverman D., and Karagas, M. "Occupation same benefit. and bladder cancer risk in a population-based case-control Finally, the literature does not contain definitive information study in New Hampshire." Cancer Causes Control. 2004 concerning the relationship between reproductive health and Oct;15(8):75969.

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50 Guo, J., Kauppinen, T., Kyyronen, P., Heikkila, P., Lindbohm, General Health Effects of Long Work Hours M.L., and Pukkala, E. "Risk of esophageal, ovarian, tes- and Shift Work ticular, kidney and bladder cancers and leukemia among Finnish workers exposed to diesel or gasoline engine Scott, A.J. "Shift work and health." Prim Care. 2000 exhaust." Int J Cancer. 2004 Aug 20;111(2):28692. Dec;27(4):105779. Barton, J. and Folkard, S., Smith, L., and Poole, C.J. "Effects on health of a change from a delaying to an advancing shift Vibration Effects system." Occup Environ Med. 1994 Nov;51(11):74955. Caruso, C.C., Lusk, S.L., and Gillespie, B.W. "Relationship of Boshuizen, H.C., Bongers, P.M., and Hulshof, C.T. "Self- work schedules to gastrointestinal diagnoses, symptoms, reported back pain in tractor drivers exposed to whole- and medication use in auto factory workers." Am J Ind body vibration." Int Arch Occup Environ Health. Med. 2004 Dec;46(6):58698. 1990;62(2):10915. Jansen, N., Kant, I., van Amelsvoort, L., Nijhuis, F., and van Cann, A., Samoni, A., and Egers, T. "Predictors of whole-body den Brandt P. "Need for recovery from work: evaluating vibration exposure experienced by highway transport truck short-term effects of working hours, patterns and sched- operators." Ergonomics. 2004 Oct;47(13):14321453. ules." Ergonomics. 2003 Jun 10;46(7):66480. Heliovaara M. (1987) "Occupation and the risk of herniated Morgan, L., Arendt, J., Owens, D., Folkard, S., Hampton, S., lumbar intervertebral disc or sciatica leading to Hospital- Deacon, S., English, J., Ribeiro, D., and Taylor, K. "Effects ization." Journal of Chronic Diseases 40:259264. of the endogenous clock and sleep time on melatonin, Lings, S. and Leboeuf-Yde, C. "Whole-body vibration and insulin, glucose and lipid metabolism." J Endocrinol. 1998 low back pain: a systematic, critical review of the epi- Jun;157(3):44351. demiological literature 1992-1999." Int Arch Occup Env- Tuntiseranee, P., Olsen, J., Geater, A., and Kor-anantakul, O. iron Health. 2000 Jul;73(5):2907. "Are long working hours and shiftwork risk factors for Magnusson, M.L., Pope, M.H., Wilder, D.G., and Areskoug, subfecundity? A study among couples from southern Thai- B. "Are occupational drivers at an increased risk for developing musculoskeletal disorders?" Spine. 1996 Mar land." Occup Environ Med. 1998 Feb;55(2):99105. 15;21(6):7107. van der Hulst, M. "Long workhours and health." Scand J Teschke, K., Nicol A.M., Davies, H. and Ju, S. "Whole body Work Environ Health. 2003 Jun;29(3):17188. vibration and back disorders among motor vehicle drivers and heavy equipment operators: A review of the scientific evidence." A Report to Randy Lane, Appeal Commis- Secondary sioner, Workers Compensation Board of British Columbia, Vancouver, BC, Canada, April 14, 1999. Abbate, C., Micali, E., Giorgianni, C., Munao, F., Brecciaroli, R., Salmaso, L., and Germano, D. "Affective correlates of occupational exposure to whole-body vibration. A case- Musculoskeletal Disorders control study." Psychother Psychosom. 2004 Nov Dec;73(6):3759. Battie, M.C., Videman, T., Gibbons, L.E., Manninen, H., Aguirre, A. and Foret, J. "Irregularity of working hours in Gill, K., Pope, M., and Kaprio, J. "Occupational driving railway workers and types of complaints." Int Arch Occup and lumbar disc degeneration: a case control study." Environ Health. 1994;65(6):36771. Lancet, 2003 Feb;8;361(9356):531. Bhatia, R., Lopipero, P., and Smith, A.H. "Diesel Exhaust Expo- Chen, J.C., Dennerlein, J.T., Shih, T.S., Chen, C.J., Cheng, Y., sure and Lung Cancer." Epidemiology. Jan. 1998;9(1):84. Chang, W.P., Ryan, L.M., and Christiani, D.C. "Knee Bigert, C., Gustavsson, P., Hallqvist, J., Hogstedt, C., Lewne, pain and driving duration: a secondary analysis of the M., Plato, N., Reuterwall, C., and Scheele, P. "Myocardial Taxi Drivers' Health Study." Am J Public Health. 2004 infarction among professional drivers." Epidemiology. Apr;94(4):57581. 2003 May;14(3):3339. Miyamoto, M., Shirai, Y., Nakayama, Y., Gembun, Y., and Boffetta, P., Stellman, S.D., and Garfinkel, L. "Diesel Kaneda, K. "An epidemiologic study of occupational low exhaust exposure and mortality among males in the Amer- back pain in truck drivers." J Nippon Med Sch. 2000 ican Cancer Society prospective study." Am J Ind Med. Jun;67(3):18690. 1988;14(4):40315. Bovenzi, M. and Zadini, A. "Self-reported low back symp- Noise Exposure toms in urban bus drivers exposed to whole-body vibra- tion." Spine. 1992 Sep;17(9):104859. Seshagiri, B. "Occupational noise exposure of operators Bryant, H.E. and Love, E.J. "Effect of employment and its of heavy trucks." Am Ind Hyg Assoc J. 1998 correlates on spontaneous abortion risk." Soc Sci Med. Mar;59(3):20513. 1991;33(7):795800.

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