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31 BIBLIOGRAPHY Abramson, P; Cohen, JW; King, GF; Wilkinson, MR; 1978. Seven Bidulka, S; Sayed, T; Yasser, H; 2002. "Influence of Vertical Align- Experiment Designs Addressing Problems of Safety and Capac- ment on Horizontal Curve Perception: Phase I: Examining the ity on Two-Lane Rural Highways: Volume IV Experimental Hypothesis," Transportation Research Record 1796, Trans- Design for Comparative Evaluation of Warning Advisory and portation Research Board, National Research Council. Regulatory Traffic Control Devices, FHWA DOT-TSC-FHWA- Bonneson, JA; 1999. "Side Friction and Speed as Controls for Hor- 78-2-IVFinal Rpt., Transportation Systems Center. izontal Curve Design," Journal of Transportation Engineer- Agent, KR; 1975. Transverse Pavement Markings for Speed Con- ing, Vol. 125, No. 6, Nov/Dec 1999, American Society of trol and Accident Reduction, Final Report, Kentucky DOT. Civil Engineers. Agent, KR; 1980. "Transverse Pavement Markings for Speed Con- Brenac, T; 1996. 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32 Felipe, E; Navin, F; 1998. "Automobiles on Horizontal Curves: Ex- Hassan, Y; Esa, SM; 1998. Highway Alignment: Three-Dimensional periments and Observations," Transportation Research Rec- Problem and Three-Dimensional Solution, Transportation Re- ord 1628, Transportation Research Board, National Research search Record 1612, Transportation Research Board, National Council. Research Council. FHWA. 2003. Manual on Uniform Traffic Control Devices, 2003 ed., Hassan, Y; Sayed, T; Bidulka, S; 2002. "Influence of Vertical U.S.DOT. Alignment on Horizontal Curve Perception: Phase II: Mod- FHWA. 2000. Manual on Uniform Traffic Control Devices, mil- eling Perceived Radius," Transportation Research Record lennium ed., U.S.DOT. 1796, Transportation Research Board, National Research Fitzpatrick, K; Carlson, P; 2002. "Selection of Design Speed Val- Council. ues," Transportation Research Record 1796, Transportation Hawkins, G; 1994. 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33 Johnston, IR; 1982. "Modifying Driver Behaviour on Rural Road Lerner, ND; Benel, DCR; Huey, RW; Steinberg, GV; 1997. Delin- Curves--A Review of Recent Research," Proceedings of Aus- eation of Hazards for Older Drivers, Vols. I and II, FHWA- tralian Road Research Board, Vol. 11, No. 4, Australian Road RD-96-162. Research Board. Levison, WH; Kantowitz, BH; 2000. "Measuring the Operational Kanellaidis, G; Dimitropoulos, I; 1994. "Subjective and Objective Effects of Highway Geometrics: Beyond Spot Speeds," Trans- Evaluation of Risk on Roadway Curves," Traffic Engineering portation Human Factors, Vol. 2, No. 3. & Control, Vol. 35, Issue 7/8. Lin, F; 1990. "Flattening of Horizontal Curves on Rural Two-Lane Kanellaidis, G; Golias, J; Efstathiadis, S; 1990. "Driver's Speed Highways," Journal of Transportation Engineering, Vol. 110, Behavior on Rural Road Curves," Traffic Engineering & Con- No. 2, American Society of Civil Engineers. trol, Vol. 31, Issue 8. Liptak, RE; 1980. 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