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Carl Campbell, USA (see Cherimoya)

Alan Child, UK (Solanaceae, taxonomy) (see Goldenberry)

W.G. D'Arcy, USA (see Potatoes)

Stuart N. Dawes, New Zealand (see Cherimoya)

William Doty, USA (germplasm) (see Peppers)

Dick and Annemarie Endt, New Zealand (see Achira)

Jan Engels, West Germany (see Potatoes)

William Charles Evans, UK (see Potatoes)

Heiner Goldbach, West Germany (seed storage and germination) (see Potatoes)

B.W.W. Grout, UK (see Achira)

V.L. Guzman, USA (see Quinoa)

Richard A. Hamilton, USA (see Berries)

Doug Hammonds, New Zealand (fruit export) (see Goldenberry)

Jane Harman, New Zealand (see Highland Papayas)

Roy Hart, New Zealand (see Berries)

J.L. Hudson, USA (see Kiwicha)

Nancy Jarris, USA (see Goldenberry)

Alan M. Kapuler, USA (see Achira)

John Laurenson, New Zealand Tamarillo Growers Association, Inc., PO Box 258, Kerikeri, New Zealand

Professor Lüdders, West Germany (see Berries)

Janet S. Luis, Philippines (see Potatoes)

Richard McCain, USA (horticulture) (see Yacon)

Cyrus McKell, USA (see Potatoes)

N.A. Martin, New Zealand (see Pepino)

Michael Nee, USA (see Squashes)

John Palmer, New Zealand (see Ahipa)

Tej Partap, Nepal (mountain agriculture, genetic resources) (see Maca)

Dov Pasternak, Israel (see Potatoes)

Martin L. Price, USA (limited germplasm available) (see Achira)

Greg J. Pringle, New Zealand (see Passionfruit)

Rare Fruit Council International, Inc., USA (see Peppers)

Herman Real, USA (tropical ecosystems) (see Cherimoya)

Charles M. Rick, USA (see Arracacha)

John M. Riley, USA (general information, germplasm) (see Oca)

Chris Rollins, USA (see Achira)

Pat R. Sale, New Zealand (see Passionfruit)

Elizabeth Schneider, USA (food preparation) (see Yacon)

C.A. Schroeder, USA (see Ahipa)

Richard E. Schultes, USA (ethnobotany) (see Achira)

Steven Spangler, USA (see Achira)

Calvin R. Sperling, USA (see Ahipa)

Claude Sweet, USA (see Capuli Cherry)

W.R. Sykes, New Zealand (see Mashua)

Loren Toomey, USA (grower) (see Goldenberry)

Louis Trap, New Zealand (see Ahipa)

Benjamin H. Waite, USA (see Oca)

Donald S.C. Wright, New Zealand (see Passionfruit)

Victor A. Wynne, Haiti (see Berries)

R.B. Wynn-Williams, New Zealand (see Oca)


Andean Region

Stephan G. Beck, Herbario Nacional de Bolivia, Cajón Postal 20–127, La Paz, Bolivia (ecology)

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