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70 BIBLIOGRAPHY AFMC Award-Fee and Award Term Guide, WrightPatter- Contract Maintenance, Wisconsin DOT Transportation son Air Force Base, Department of Air Force, Ohio, Nov. Synthesis Report, Madison, Sep. 26, 2002 [Online]. 2000 [Online]. Available: Available: comp/seven_steps/library/AFMCaward-fee-guide.doc research/docs/tsrs/tsrcontractmaintenance.pdf (accessed (accessed Feb. 8, 2007). June 1, 2006). Arnek, M., Empirical Essays on Procurement and Regula- Defense Standardization Program, Performance Specifica- tion, Ph.D. thesis, Department of Economics, Uppsala, tion Guide, U.S. Department of Defense, Washington, Sweden, 2002. D.C., 1995. Asset Management Contracts, Audit Report 04F-0006, Department of Defense, Guidebook for Performance-Based Office of Inspector General, Florida Department of Services Acquisition (PBSA) in the Department of Transportation, Tallahassee, June 12, 2006. Defense, U.S. Department of Defense, Washington, D.C., Dec. 2000. "Asset Preservation Plan for the District of Columbia National Highway System," Federal Highway Administration and Department of Transportation Asset Management Contract- District of Columbia Department of Public Works, Nov. ing and Monitoring Operational Audit, Report No. 2005- 1999 [Online]. Available: 129, State of Florida Auditor General, Tallahassee, 2005. washdcap.pdf (accessed Jan. 18, 2007). Dipompo, L. and M. Robinson, "Performance-Based Con- Asset Preservation Plan for the District of Colombia National tracting in the District of Columbia," presented at the 51st Highway System, Federal Highway Administration, U.S. Annual Virginia Transportation Conference, Lexington, Department of Transportation and District of Columbia Va., Oct. 2001. Department of Public Works, Nov. 1999. Dover, T., "Performance-Based Contracting," presented at Auditor General, State of Florida. Department of Transpor- the 86th Annual Meeting of the Transportation Board, tation Asset Management Contracting and Monitoring, Washington, D.C., Jan. 2125, 2007. Operational Audit, Feb. 2005. "England," Chapter 2, In National Experience with Asset Ausink, J., F. Camm, and C. Cannon, Performance Based Management, Federal Highway Administration, Contracting in the Air Force, A Report on Experiences in Washington, D.C., n.d. [Online]. Available: http:// the Field, Rand Corporation, Santa Monica, Calif., 2001. international.f england.htm (accessed Jan. 26, 2007). Bennett, C., "Performance Management in Virginia (PPT)," presented to the 51st Annual Virginia Transportation FHWA (Federal Highway Administration), Quality Accom- Conference, Lexington, Oct. 2001. plishments Report: National Quality Initiative, Demon- stration Project 89, Federal Highway Administration, Bucyk, N. and M. Lali, The Evolution of Highway Mainte- Washington, D.C., 1997. nance Outsourcing in Alberta, Alberta Infrastructure and Transportation, 2005. Florida Legislature, Office of Program Policy Analysis and Government Accountability, Department of Transporta- Clarke, M., "Highway Management, The Highway Highland- tion Expedites Privatization, but Savings Uncertain; May ers Way," Proceedings of the 21st ARRB and 11th REAAA Be Feasible to Eliminate More Positions, Progress Report, Conference, Transport, Our Highway to a Sustainable Tallahassee, April 2003. Future, ARRB Transport Research, Limited, 2003. Florida Transportation Commission, Organizational and Constructing Successful Business Relationships: Innova- Operational Review of the Florida Department of Trans- tion in Contractual Incentives, U.S. Department of the portation, Tallahassee, Jan. 2001. Army, n.d. [Online]. Available: http://www.acquisition. gov/comp/seven_steps/library/DOAconstructing.pdf Frost, M. and C. Lithgow, "Improving Quality and Cutting (accessed Feb. 8, 2007). Cost Through Performance Contracts--Australian Expe- rience," prepared for Road Management Training Semi- Contracting Officer's Technical Representative (COTR) nar of the World Bank, Dec. 1718, 1996 [Online]. Training Blueprint [formerly called the Contracting Offi- Available: cer's Representative (COR) Workbook], Federal Acquisi- (accessed Jan. 18, 2007). tion Institute, Ft. Belvoir, Va., Nov. 2003.

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71 Gentili, G.N. and J.E.I. Erbetta, "Maintenance Concessions ects, Hanoi, Sep. 29Oct. 1, 1999 [Online]. Available: for National Roads: The Argentine Experience, " Direc- (accessed cin Nacional de Vialidad, Argentina, Oct. 1997. Jan. 18, 2007). Gilbertson, T.,"Performance Management: Challenges and Lande, K., "PMMR in the USA: Virginia Case Study Trans- Opportunities," presented at the 51st Annual Virginia port Forum 2005," World Bank, Washington, D.C. Transportation Conference, Lexington, Va., Oct. 2001. Liautaud, G., "Maintaining Roads. Experience with Output- Gilbertson, T., "The Hybrid Performance Based Manage- Based Contracts in Argentina," World Bank, Washing- ment Strategy," REAAA/ARRB International Confer- ton, D.C., 2004. ence, Cairns, Queensland, Australia, 2003. MacLean, M., S. Gwartz, S. Skinner, and M. Houle, "Con- Gilbertson, T., B. Stratton, and R. Anthony, "The Hybrid tracted Maintenance Services at the Ministry of Trans- Experience," Contracting the Future NZIHT Sympo- portation in Ontario," Ontario Ministry of Transportation, sium, Oct. 2001. 2005. Government Performance and Results Act of 1993 [Online]. Marshall, K.R. and P. Tarnoff, NCHRP Report 560: Guide to Available: Contracting ITS Projects, Transportation Research gplaw2m.html (accessed May 10, 2007). Board, National Research Council, Washington, D.C., 2006. "Guide to Incentive Strategies for Defense Acquisitions," Office of the Under Secretary of Defense (Acquisition Mather, C. and A. Costello, "An Innovative Approach to and Technology), Jan. 2001. Performance-Based Acquisition: Using a SOO," Acquisi- tions Solutions Inc. Advisory, 2001 [Online]. Available: Haas, R., I. Richards, C. Raymond, J. Yeaman, and L. Falls, "Alternative Contracting Models for Maintenance and adv0501.pdf (accessed Jan. 18, 2007). Rehabilitation of Pavement Networks," presented at the Ninth International Conference on Asphalt Pavements, Ministry of Transportation, British Columbia, Annual Ser- Copenhagen, Denmark, Aug. 1722, 2002. vice Plan Report, Vancouver, 2002/2003. Hartwig, T., Y. Mumssen, and A. Schliessler, "Output-Based Ministry of Transportation, British Columbia, Annual Ser- Aid in Chad: OB Approaches," World Bank, Washing- vice Plan Report, Vancouver, 2003/2004. ton, D.C., 2005 [Online]. Available: http://www-wds. Ministry of Transportation, British Columbia, Annual Ser- vice Plan Report, Vancouver, 2004/2005. 005/07/29/000012009_20050729111940/Rendered/PDF/ 331600rev0ChadRoadsOBApproaches06.pdf (accessed Ministry of Transportation, British Columbia, Annual Ser- Jan. 25, 2007). vice Plan Report, Vancouver, 2005/20062007/2008. Hunter, E. and R. Kyle, "A Review of Achievable Efficien- Moore, A., "Road Work Ahead: Outsourcing Highway cies and Associated Issues Under Output Performance Maintenance. Privatization," Heartland Institute, Nov./ Based Contracts," Contracting the Future, NZIHT Sym- Dec. 2000 [Online]. Available: http://www.heartland. posium, Oct. 2001. org/Article.cfm?artId=131 (accessed June 1, 2006). Hyman, W.A., "Fostering Innovation in the Strategic High- Office of Federal Procurement Policy, PBSC Memorandum, way Research Program," Transportation Research Washington, D.C., Jan. 4, 1999. Record 1127, Transportation Research Board, National Office of Federal Procurement Policy, Guide to Best Prac- Research Council, Washington, D.C., 1987, pp. 18. tices for Performance-Based Service Contracting, Office Hyman, W., R. Alfelor, and J. Allen, Road Maintenance, of Federal Procurement Policy, Washington, D.C., 1998. Governmental Accounting Standards Board, Norwalk, Ozbek, M.E., "Development of Performance Warranties for Conn., 1993. Performance Based Road Maintenance Contracts," In Integrated Program Team Manual Update: Guidance for ODOT Highway Maintenance Overhead Cost Model, Program Teams and Their Subsets, Department of the Statewide Office of Maintenance, Oregon Department of Navy, Naval Aviation Systems Team, Lakehurst, N.J., Transportation, Salem, Dec. 2004. 1996. Parkman, C., J. Hallett, T. Henning, and M. Tapper, "Pave- Kopac, P., "Dispelling Highway Construction Myths," Pub- ment Deterioration Modelling in Long Term Performance lic Roads, May/June, 2005. Based Contracts: How Far Does it Mitigate the Risk for Client and Contractor?" ARRB Group Limited, 2003. Lande, K., "Privatized Highway Asset Management--Man- agement of Subcontract Maintenance," prepared for the "Percent Within Limits: The Quality Measure of Choice," Symposium on Innovative Financing of Transport Proj- Reprinted from Focus March 2006 in Highway Quality

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