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78 APPENDIX F Sample FOD Walk Guidance (Courtesy of San Antonio Airport System) AIRPORT OPERATIONS What food and drinks will be provided (if any, and by which tenant, if donated) FOD Prevention Program--FOD Squad Walk FOD Squad T-shirts and/or other giveaways will be Guidance Document provided to the attendees Purpose: Latex gloves, garbage bags, ear plugs, and reflective vests will be provided. The purpose of this guidance document is to provide guid- Once the flyers are made, distribute them via e-mail to ance in the planning, execution, and post-event activities all Aviation Department employees and to the FOD required when conducting an official FOD Squad Walk as Committee e-mail distribution list. part of the San Antonio International Airport FOD Preven- If food or drinks are provided by Airport Operations, tion Program. make sure that they are ordered and the method of pay- ment has been determined. Planning: (See Appendix A--FOD walk preparations Purchase three $20 gift certificates from a local restau- and assignment list) rant for Golden FOD Piece finders as awards. Ensure that we currently have enough of the following At Least Two Weeks Before the FOD Squad Walk: Select a items in-stock: date for the event. Latex gloves Ear plugs Make a list of all Ops personnel on duty for the FOD Heavy-duty garbage bags Squad Walk. Ask for volunteers or assign them tasks/ Cups and napkins (if food and drinks are going to be responsibilities. (See example of the checklist "FOD provided) Walk Preparations," Appendix A.) Decide if food and drink items will be provided and by If we have less than 40 of each of these items, speak to the whom: Ops or contact a tenant for donation. Ops Manager to see if more need to be ordered before the Contact Continental Airlines and Airport Parking Facil- FOD Walk. If so, order the equipment immediately to ensure ities to see if a shuttle bus from each is available on the availability before the FOD Squad Walk date. selected date to transport people from the terminals to the FOD Squad Walk location. Day Before the FOD Squad Walk: Check the weather for the Once the date has been set, with Continental and Air- day of the FOD Squad Walk. If there is a high probability of port Parking shuttle buses confirmed, have the Opera- severe weather, send out an e-mail to all of the members of tions' Administrative Assistant make the flyers for the the FOD Committee e-mail distribution list and the Aviation FOD Squad Walk. Make sure the following items are Department stating that the FOD Squad Walk has been post- included in the flyer: poned due to inclement weather. Date and time of the event The current FOD campaign logo Contact Continental Airlines and Airport Parking to Pick-up locations and times for Terminals A and B. confirm the shuttle buses are still available to transport The typical pick-up locations for Terminal A is participants to the event site. If only one is available, Gate A1 (personnel exit the terminal at the baggage coordinate pick up times at both terminals, about five make-up area to walk to the gate) and Terminal B is minutes apart. If neither is available, postpone the FOD Gate B7 (personnel meet north of the gate) Squad Walk for a later date.

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79 Contact the tenant or vendors who are providing food or Close and barricade/cone off the taxiway. drinks and confirm the orders and their pick-up times on Station escorts in Terminals A and B by the pick-up the morning of the event. locations to direct the participants out of the terminal to Determine the area on the airfield where the event will the shuttle bus. There should be at least one person at be conducted. The area should be large enough and Terminal A (by Baggage Make Up area to walk partic- with enough debris to occupy a group of approximately ipants to Gate A1 for pick-up) and one person at Ter- 30 people for about 30 to 40 minutes. It typically takes minal B (north of Gate B7). These individuals will ride about 30 minutes for the participants to walk about on the shuttle bus to the event. Ensure that at least one 2,000 to 2,500 feet. This is about the length of the grass of them has a radio and a Nextel. Also ensure that they area between the Taxiway Delta and Runway 3/21 inter- have the sign-in sheets so that people can start signing section to Taxiway Quebec and Runway 3/21 inter- in while they are traveling to the site. section. Once the event location is determined, issue any Place the Golden FOD Pieces at the event site. Ensure NOTAMs that are required. that they are placed closer to the end of the walking Make two Sign-In Sheets for each pick up location. site and that their location is noted so that they can be The participants can begin signing in while waiting for found by OPS personnel if they are not found by the shuttle transport at the terminals. participants. Load Vehicle #1953 (Suburban) or alternate vehicle with Drive an overflow vehicle to transport extra participants all of the items below that you will need for the FOD if the shuttle bus should become full. This overflow Squad Walk the next day. If the golf cart is needed, vehicle will need to stay close to the shuttle bus while it ensure the battery is charged. is picking up the participants at each terminal. FOD Squad T-shirts (ensure a variety of sizes) or other giveaway items During the FOD Squad Walk: Four Golden FOD Pieces (Hide 3; 1 is to show the participants what they are looking for) Direct all of the participants once they are on-site and Heavy-duty trash bags be the primary event controller/director for the event Safety vests for FOD Squad Walk participants (Ops 204). OPS safety vests for OPS personnel Hand out the safety vests, latex gloves, ear protectors, Ear plugs and garbage bags. Latex gloves Drive the vehicle beside the participants while they are Orange traffic cones for use in barricading any taxi- walking. This vehicle needs to have a cooler with water. ways Monitor the participants to ensure they do not stray Two megaphones (check both to ensure they are work- from the designated site. ing and the batteries are not low/dead) Take pictures and video of the walkers. Collapsible table, to be used for food and drink dis- tribution and/or for T-shirt/giveaways Immediately After the Participants Are Finished Walking: Napkins (if food is provided or if the occasion requires them) OPS 204 will address the participants with the megaphone Cups (if drinks are provided) regarding these items: Video camera and two still cameras (with charged batteries) Award gift certificates to the finders of the Golden FOD Two coolers Pieces. Bottles of water Take the group photo of the participants. Collect the equipment (vests, filled garbage bags, used Morning Before the Event Begins: gloves, etc). Distribute FOD T-shirts or other giveaways. Fill the coolers with ice and insert the water. Leave room Load the vehicle with the FOD-filled garbage bags for in the coolers if other beverages are going to be added. proper disposal. Load the coolers (with bottled water). Escorts to ride shuttle buses back to the terminals with Pick up food and beverages from the FBO, or if from the participants. Escort parking shuttle off the AOA. a vendor, ensure that payment for these items is If a NOTAM was issued, remove the cones, cancel the addressed. NOTAM, notify ATCT and open the taxiway. Immediately Before: (20 to 30 minutes prior to the start): Execution (for the Primary Event Controller/Director): Proceed to the event site to set up the table and refresh- Once the participants arrive at the site, speak to them as ments (if provided). soon as possible to provide them direction on the time-

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80 line of events for the FOD Squad Walk. If food and NOTAM was issued, cancel the NOTAM, remove the drinks are provided, let them eat and drink for approxi- barricades/cones, and open the area. mately 5 to 10 minutes before doing the walk. Once you are ready to start the walk, have the people Post-Event: responsible for handing out the latex gloves and garbage Unload all of the equipment and place it back in the bags hand out those items. storage room. Once that is completed, form the participants into a Enter the scores into the FOD Prevention Program data- line while ensuring that OPS personnel are stationed base for the airlines, cargo carriers, and FBOs that par- along the edges of the participant line to act as safety ticipated in the FOD Squad Walk. Other participating monitors and ensure that no one goes outside of the tenants can designate their points to an airline, cargo designated walking area. carrier, or FBO. Approximately 10 to 15 minutes before the scheduled The Scoring System--Every airline, cargo carrier, or end to the event, stop the walk and position the partici- FBO that sent at least one participant receives a score pants to have a group picture taken. Place the finders of of 100%. For every additional person that participated the Golden FOD Pieces in front. from the airline, cargo carrier, or FBO, one additional After the group picture, have the participants return percentage point is added to their score of 100%. Con- the reflective vests, deposit their trash and gloves in sequently, a tenant that sends two people will receive the designated receptacle, pick-up their T-shirt or other a score of 101%, a tenant that sends three people will give-away, and board the shuttle buses. receive a score of 102%, etc. Once the shuttle buses with all of the participants have Once the scores have been entered, send an updated left, inspect the area for FAR Part 139 compliance to FOD Prevention Program Leader Board to all of the air- ensure it is safe for aircraft use. If the area is safe and a lines, cargo carriers, and FBOs.