2. Pinette’s Salvage Yard

State: ME

Site Lead: EPA/State

Date Deleted from NPL: September 30, 2002

Date of Last Five-Year Review: September 28, 2010

COCs: Base neutral acids, polychlorinated biphenyls (PCBs), VOCs

RAOs: Reduce the following contaminants in groundwater to below the designated MCL: benzene 5 µg/l, chlorobenzene 47 µg/l, 1-4-dichlorobenzene 27 µg/L, and PCBs 0.5 µg/L.

Technologies Applied: Soil excavation and pump and treat

Reported Results: In October 2009, all wells tested had contaminant concentrations in groundwater below the MCL except DMW-5 (PCB 2.1 µg/L).

MCLs Achieved? No, PCB concentrations in DMW-5 are still above the MCL.

ICs in Place? Yes, they are restricting site and aquifer use through a restrictive covenant.

Vapor Intrusion: Not a concern because: “(1) the remaining levels of VOCs in the groundwater at the Site have been measured to be very low; (2) there are no occupied buildings currently within the Restricted Area; and (3) the Restrictive Covenant prohibits the construction or placement of any buildings within the Restricted Area without prior written permission of the Maine DEP.” (http://www.epa.gov/superfund/sites/fiveyear/f05-01016.pdf)

Long-Term Monitoring? Yes


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