FIGURE 5-1 Degrees in mathematics and statistics conferred by degree-granting institutions, by level of degree and sex of student, 1969-1970 through 2010-2011. SOURCE: National Center for Education Statistics, 2012, Digest for Education Statistics. Table 327. Available at

It is interesting to note that, while the fraction of mathematics Ph.D.s awarded to women is about 30 percent, in recent years women have been awarded more than half the statistics Ph.D.s in the United States. The fact that statistics attracts a higher percentage of women than mathematics is worth understanding better.

Within the professoriate, the data get more complicated. As shown in Table 5-2, the percentage of women among full-time faculty at 4-year institutions rose to 26 percent in mathematics departments and 22 percent in statistics departments in 2005, when the most recent CBMS data were collected. However, this “full-time” status can be used to describe different positions, and women tended to be disproportionately represented in positions that were not tenured or tenure-track in 2005.14


13 From Digest of Education Statistics, 2010, Table 323. Available at

14 More recent data are in being assembled by CBMS but have not yet been published.

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