FIGURE C-1 Number and percentage of doctoral degrees awarded by department grouping in the mathematical sciences (1,653 total; between July 1, 2010, and June 30, 2011). Group I is composed of departments with scores in the 3.00-5.00 range according to rankings from the National Research Council. Group I Public and Group I Private are Group I departments at public institutions and private institutions, respectively. Group II is composed of 56 departments with scores in the 2.00-2.99 range. Group III contains the remaining U.S. departments reporting a doctoral program, including a number of departments not included in the 1995 ranking of program faculty. Group IV contains U.S. departments (or programs) of statistics, biostatistics, and biometrics reporting a doctoral program. Group Va consists of departments of applied mathematics/applied science. SOURCE: R. Cleary, J.W. Maxwell, and C. Rose, 2012, Report on the 2010-2011 new doctoral recipients. Notices of the AMS 59(8):1083-1093, Figure A.1. Available at

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