List six ethical principles suggested in the U.S. government's Principles for the Utilization and Care of Vertebrate Animals Used in Testing, Research, and Training.

Discuss what you might do differently in the future in response to concerns over use of animals in research.


Define the "3R's".

Cite examples of nonanimal research methods and models that might aid you in your research goals.

Discuss how regulations and policies on the use of alternatives affect your present and future projects.

Cite the factors that influence animal model selection.

List services that you can use to gather information on alternatives and indicate how you have access to these services.

Responsibilities of the Institution, Animal Care and Use Committee, and Research and Veterinary Staffs

State three major institutional responsibilities.

List the mandated responsibilities of the IACUC.

Discuss how delegating authority to the IACUC provides protection to the institution, individual investigators, and research animals.

State six major categories of investigator responsibility and describe how these might be delegated among the principal investigator, co-investigators, and technical staff.

If your institution has policies relating to the major categories of institutional responsibility, state where copies of these policies can be obtained.

Pain and Distress

Define pain, stress, and distress.

State the principles of nonmalficence and beneficence.

Describe situations in which pain can be present when reflex responses are absent and absent when reflex responses are present.

Describe physiologic and behavioral signs that may indicate the presence of pain and distress.

Discuss steps taken by your institution in carrying out its legal obligations to minimize and control pain in animals.

Discuss the concept of adequate veterinary care as it relates to relief of pain.

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