This section of the guide contains detailed content outlines of the subjects covered in the recommended modules (Part II). The material in the modules is cross-referenced to appropriate subtopics in this section. The number preceding the decimal point indicates the chapter, and the number(s) following the decimal point indicates the place within the chapter that the information appears. Thus, 1.1 indicates the first entry in chapter 1 of part III, and 1.2.1 indicates the first subentry under the second entry in chapter 1.

Content experts asked to deliver information or teach skills should be provided with both the module outline and the corresponding outlines in this section to determine the intended depth of presentation. These outlines can also be used to select alternative instructional materials (e.g., audiovisual, computer-aided, and independent-study). Some sections can also be used as handouts. Permission for limited reproduction of portions of this book for educational purposes, but not for sale, may be granted on receipt of a written request to the National Academy Press, 2101 Constitution Avenue, Washington, DC 20418.

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