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Because the discussion in these chapters is at times highly technical, a glossary (Appendix S) has been provided for the reader's convenience. In addition, conversion tables (Appendix T) are provided for those who may be unfamiliar with the units of measurement used throughout this report.

The final chapter of this part, Chapter 29, summarizes the results of individual analyses and draws some general conclusions regarding the relative merits of potential interventions. This analysis should not be interpreted as all-inclusive, but it does provide semiquantitative consideration of a wide sampling of potential approaches to mitigation. The principal findings and recommendations concerning the policy choices facing the country are found in the report of the Synthesis Panel (Part One).


1. Throughout this report, tons (t) are metric; 1 Mt = 1 megaton = 1 million tons; and 1 Gt = 1 gigaton = 1 billion tons.


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