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$7 per hour used by the Federal Highway Administration and transportation researchers to value time spent in traffic delays (U.S. General Accounting Office, 1989; Wegmann, 1989). (Only the upper-bound and lower-bound cases are presented in Table F.7; the lower bound assumes a 20 percent increase in highway speed and values delays at $5 per hour, while the upper bound assumes a 5 percent increase in highway speed and values delays at $10 per hour.)

Thus the total cost of this parking management program is as follows:

Out-of-pocket costs (employers and employees)

($0.01 billion)

Avoided parking space construction

($5.07 billion)

Productivity gains/losses

$0.33 billion to $7.67 billion

The total cost thus ranges from -$4.75 billion to $2.59 billion.


1. Throughout this report, tons (t) are metric; 1 Mt = 1 megaton = 1 million tons.


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