• Increase efficiency by consolidating the electronic data processing functions of various administrative agencies.

The reorganization and accompanying policy directives will give the single agency final authority to make decisions on routine licenses, to promulgate regulations, and to resolve interpretive disputes within the specific policy guidelines of the NSD. Many routine licensing decisions, for example, are of a level that can best be handled within the independent authority of a single administrative agency. Authority also should extend to administrative aspects of list management. The consolidation will entail combining regulatory regimes to achieve uniform administrative requirements with levels of control appropriate for attainment of policy objectives.

  • At the same time, the agency's decision making should be guided by the broad policy framework developed in the traditional interagency process. The goal of the reorganization is to consolidate administration of controls based on an internally consistent set of regulations while keeping broad policymaking and final dispute resolution in the hands of the President and responsible cabinet secretaries in the National Security Council and the Export Control Policy Coordinating Committee.

  • Responsibility for the administration of restrictions on dual use items, munitions, items controlled for nonproliferation purposes, and trade-related items under "emergency" powers should be transferred to the single agency.

  • The goal of a more transparent licensing process should be achieved through a "one-stop shopping" mechanism, that is, a single administrative window for exporters seeking to obtain licenses.

Users of the proposed system should be able to submit license applications and obtain data on regulations and control criteria from the same office. A single-window approach should alleviate what is probably the single largest cause of processing delays: exporters' failure to provide sufficient licensing information. A single-window approach will be considerably facilitated by setting up the single licensing agency.

  • "One-stop shopping" should be established in harmony with other restructuring of the control apparatus lest it devolve into a well-intended but ineffective initiative.

Administrative Alternatives

The panel evaluated two basic alternatives for consolidating agency functions. The first alternative is to put administrative functions in a newly

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