GARTH ILLINGWORTH, University of California, Santa Cruz, Chair; BLAIR SAVAGE, University of Wisconsin, Vice-Chair; J. ROGER ANGEL, University of Arizona; ROGER D. BLANDFORD, California Institute of Technology; ALBERT BOGGESS, NASA Goddard Space Flight Center; C. STUART BOWYER, University of California, Berkeley; GEORGE R. CARRUTHERS, Naval Research Laboratory; LENNOX L. COWIE, Institute for Astronomy, University of Hawaii; GEORGE A. DOSCHEK, Naval Research Laboratory; ANDREA K. DUPREE, Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics; JOHN S. GALLAGHER, AURA; RICHARD F. GREEN, Kitt Peak National Observatory; EDWARD B. JENKINS, Princeton University; ROBERT P. KIRSHNER, Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics; JEFFREY L. LINSKY, University of Colorado, Boulder; H. WARREN MOOS, Johns Hopkins University; JEREMY R. MOULD, California Institute of Technology; COLIN A. NORMAN, Johns Hopkins University; MICHAEL SHAO, Jet Propulsion Laboratory; HERVEY S. STOCKMAN, Space Telescope Science Institute; RODGER I. THOMPSON, University of Arizona; RAY J. WEYMANN, Mt. Wilson and Las Campanas Observatory; BRUCE E. WOODGATE, NASA Goddard Space Flight Center


CHARLES A. BEICHMAN, Institute for Advanced Study, Co-Chair; ROBERT W. WILSON, AT&T Bell Laboratories, Co-Chair; JOHN N. BAHCALL, Institute for Advanced Study; NOEL W. HINNERS, Martin Marietta Corporation; JEREMIAH OSTRIKER, Princeton University

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