TABLE 2-1 Country Visit Interviews by Stakeholder Type

Stakeholder Type and Sub-Type Number of Interviews
U.S. Government (USG) Stakeholders 147
Mission Leadership In-Briefings and Exit Meetings 26
PEPFAR All-Staff Mission Team Briefings 16
PEPFAR Country Coordinator 13
Agency Leadership 26
Technical Staff and Working Groups 66
U.S.-Based Stakeholders with Operations in Partner Country 62
NGO 41
Academia 11
Private Sector (for-profit) 10
Partner Country Stakeholders 156
Government, National 53
Government, Sub-National (province, district, facility) 40
NGO 51
Academia 6
Global Fund CCM 4
Private Sector (for-profit) 2
Other Stakeholders 16
NGO (other country-based) 4
Other Bilateral Government Donors 1
Multilateral 11
Mixed (Stakeholders from USG, Multilateral Organizations, Other Bilateral Donors, Partner Country Government, U.S. Private Sector) 2

NOTE: This does not represent the total number of interviewees, because the majority of interviews were with groups of interviewees. In some cases, the same interviewees participated in multiple interviews. For example, there was usually participant duplication between the PEPFAR all-hands interview and subsequent USG interviews. Repeat participation also happened occasionally across multiple interviews with partner country governments. CCM = country coordinating mechanism; NGO = nongovernmental organization.

that work in the global response to HIV, such as multilateral organizations, NGOs, and another bilateral donor. As with the country visit interviews, non-country visit interviewees were selected through purposeful sampling, prioritized based on targeted focus areas within the evaluation and on the process of mapping data sources for evaluation questions. Interviews were conducted using the same methodology as for country visit interviews, utilizing semi-structured interview guides with questions and prompts appropriate to the interviewee(s).

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