5-1    Interventions Included in PEPFAR Guidance Over Time for Prevention of Sexual Transmission of HIV

5-2    OGAC Indicator 2.1—Number of Individuals Reached Through Community Outreach That Promotes HIV/AIDS Prevention Through Abstinence and/or Being Faithful (in Millions)

5-3    OGAC Indicator 5.2—Number of Individuals Reached Through Community Outreach That Promotes HIV/AIDS Prevention Through Other Behavior Change Beyond Abstinence and/or Being Faithful (in Millions)

5-4    Number of HIV-Positive Pregnant Women Receiving ARV Prophylaxis for PMTCT (PEPFAR and National) (in Thousands)

6-1    Number of Individuals Who Received Counseling and Testing for HIV and Received Test Results (in Millions)

6-2    Number of Individuals Provided with Care (in Millions)

6-3    Number of HIV-Positive Adults and Children Receiving a Minimum of One Clinical Service (in Millions)

6-4    Number of HIV-Positive Patients in HIV Care Who Started TB Treatment (in Thousands)

6-5    Number of USG-Supported Service Outlets Providing Treatment for TB to HIV-Infected Individuals (in Thousands)

6-6    HIV-Positive Patients Who Were Screened for TB in HIV Care or Treatment Settings (in Millions)

6-7    Number of Registered TB Patients Who Received HIV Counseling, Testing, and Their Test Results at a USG-Supported TB Service Outlet (in Thousands)

6-8    Number of HIV-Positive Persons Receiving Cotrimoxazole Prophylaxis (in Millions)

6-9    Number of HIV-Positive Clinically Malnourished Clients Who Received Therapeutic or Supplementary Food (in Thousands)

6-10    Adult and Pediatric Treatment Guidelines Adoption by Country

6-11    Care and Treatment Budgetary Allocation Requirement: Documented Planned/Approved Funding Over Time (in USD Millions)

6-12    Number of Adults and Children with Advanced HIV Infection Receiving ART (in Millions)

6-13    Currently Enrolled Adults in ART, in Thousands (Annual, FY 2005–FY 2010)

6-14    Newly Enrolled Adults in ART by Sex (Annual, FY 2005–FY 2011) (in Thousands)

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