In the materials area, the Partnership listed eight areas of major achievement in its presentations to the committee on January 26, 2012.32 These were as follows:

•  Completed design and manufacturability assessment of a magnesium front-end structure.

•  Completed design, tooling, fabrication, and testing of a one-piece composite underbody, saving 11.3 kg.

•  Optimized engineering and manufacturing processes for advanced high- strength steel (AHSS).

•  Developed a process for warm forming of aluminum and magnesium sheet.

•  Enhanced the formability of aluminum at room temperature.

•  Demonstrated a conversion technique for low-cost textile precursor for carbon fiber.

•  Improved performance of AHSS welds.

•  Developed a unique process for producing low-cost highly ductile magnesium sheet.

Response to Recommendations from the Phase 3 Review

Three recommendations on materials were made in the NRC Phase 3 report (NRC, 2010, pp. 108-109). The Partnership responses are shown below as “Updates.”

NRC Phase 3 Recommendation 3-22. The materials technical team should develop a systems-analysis methodology to determine the currently most cost-effective way for achieving a 50 percent weight reduction for hybrid and fuel cell vehicles. The materials team needs to evaluate how the cost penalty changes as a function of the percent weight reduction, assuming that the most effective mix of materials is used at each step in the weight-reduction process. The analysis should be updated on a regular basis as the cost structures change as a result of process research breakthroughs and commercial developments. [NRC, 2010, p. 108.]

Updates: DOE FY 2011 solicitation results for the multimaterial vehicle car (50 percent lighter than a midsized vehicle, design, build, and validate):

•  Award to Vehma (Magna International)—project started in November 2011.


32 M. Zaluzec, Ford Motor Company, and C. Schutte, Department of Energy, “Materials Technical Team (MTT),” presentation to the committee, January 26, 2012, Washington, D.C.

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