•  Cost analysis for multimaterial vehicle with a systematic approach is in process at the Oak Ridge National Laboratory.

NRC Phase 3 Recommendation 3-23. The magnesium castings study is completed, and no further technical effort is anticipated by the Partnership as recommended in the Phase 2 report. However, magnesium castings should be considered in completing the cost reduction recommendations listed above. [NRC, 2010, p. 109.]


•  DOE award to MOxST, Inc., for a clean and low-cost domestic supply of magnesium (Mg). If successful, this technology will introduce a lower- cost feedstock for alloy production and die casting.

•  DOE award to United States Automotive Materials Partnership (USAMP) on Magnesium Intensive Front End, which includes a focus on the characterization, optimization, and production of Mg die cast structural components.

•  Cooperative Research and Development Agreement project involving the Pacific Northwest National Laboratory, Ford Motor Company, University of Michigan, and MagTech (die casting supplier) to develop and validate mechanistic-based ductility models for Mg die castings. This will provide a better understanding of how die-casting characteristics affect ductility, in turn providing insight for methods to improve ductility.

NRC Phase 3 Recommendation 3-24. Methods for the recycling of carbon-reinforced composites need to be developed. [NRC, 2010, p. 109.]

Updates: DOE cofunding of Small Business Innovation Research work with Materials Innovation Technologies (Fletcher, North Carolina) to research low-cost carbon-fiber composite manufacturing using recycled aerospace carbon-fiber.

Other global recycling efforts identified are as follows:

•  Nottingham University, United Kingdom: Fluidised Bed, Supercritical Fluids, Microwave;

•  Adherent Technologies, New Mexico, United States: Batch Thermo- chemical;

•  Valley Stade Consortium, Germany: Batch Pyrolysis;

•  Wells Specialty Products, Texas, United States: Fluidized Bed;

•  Ruag, Switzerland;

•  Firebird Advanced Materials, North Carolina, United States: Microwave; and

•  Milled Carbon, United Kingdom: Continuous Pyrolysis.

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