TABLE A.14 Selected Institutions That Offer Cartography, GIS, and Remote Sensing-Related Certificates

Institution, Department Certificate Title Course Description

California State University, East Bay, Geography

Certificate in Cartography and GIS 20 hours

George Mason University, Geography and GeoInformation Science

Graduate Certificate in Remote Sensing 15 hours

Georgia Tech, School of Earth and Atmosphere

Certificate Program in Remote Sensing 12 hours

Humbolt State, Forestry and Wildland Resources

Certificate in GIS and Remote Sensing 5 courses

Institute of Geoinformatics and Remote Sensing

Post Graduate Certificate in GIS and Remote Sensing 6 months; 150 hours

University of Twente, International Institute for Geo-Information Science and Earth Observation

Hyperspectral Remote Sensing Certificate
Remote Sensing and GIS Geology Exploration Certificate
6 weeks
9 weeks


Principles of Remote Sensing Certificate 9 weeks

Oregon State University, College of Forestry

GIScience Certificate with Emphasis in Remote Sensing 19 hours

Symbosis Institute of Geoinformatics

Certificate Course in Photogrammetry and Remote Sensing 2 months

Mississippi State University, Division of Academic Outreach

Geospatial and Remote Sensing Technology Certificate 15 hours

Naval Postgraduate School

Space Systems Certificate 4 courses

Northeastern University, Professional Studies

Graduate Certificate in Remote Sensing 6 courses

Rutgers University, Geography

Geospatial Information Science Certificate 12 hours

San Jose State University, Geography

Certificate in GIScience with Specialization in Remote Sensing 18 hours

West Virginia University, Geography

Certificate in GIS and Remote Sensing 15 hours

University of Colorado, Boulder, Aerospace Engineering

Remote Sensing Certificate 4 courses

University of California, Davis, Center for Spatial Technologies and Remote Sensing

Base, Intermediate, and Advanced Certificates in Remote Sensing not available

University of Maryland, Professional Studies

Graduate Certificate in GIS 12 hours

University of Michigan, Dearborn, Natural Sciences

Certificate in GIS and Remote Sensing 16 hours

University of Mississippi, School of Law

Certificate in Remote Sensing, Air, and Space Law 27 hours

University of New Orleans, Geography

Remote Sensing and GIS Certification 4 courses

University of Omaha, Geography

Graduate GIScience Certificate 17 hours

University of Texas, Dallas, Economic Policy

Graduate Certificate in Remote Sensing 15 hours


Graduate Certificate in Geospatial Intelligence 15 hours

University of Texas, Arlington, Geology

Certification in Remote Sensing, GPS and GIS 15 hours

University of Utah, Geography

Certificate in GIS with Emphasis in Remote Sensing 22 hours

St. Louis University, Environmental Sciences

Graduate Certificate in Advances in Remote Sensing and GIS 15 hours

Texas A&M University, Geography

Remote Sensing Certification 4 courses; 12 hours

York University

GIS and Remote Sensing Certificate not available

Webster University, Business and Technology

Graduate Certificate in Remote Sensing Analysis and GIS 18 hours

SOURCES: Association of American Geographers, Environmental Systems Research Institute, and the Urban and Regional Science Association.

TABLE A.15 Course Requirements for a Certificate in GIS with an Emphasis in Remote Sensing at the Department of Geography, University of Utah

Course Number Title Hours in Classa
GEOG 3020 Geographical analysis 45
GEOG 3110 The Earth from space: Remote sensing of the environment 45
GEOG 3140 Introduction to Geographic Information Systems 45
GEOG 5110 Environmental analysis through remote sensing 45
GEOG 5120 Environmental optics 45
GEOG 5130 Advanced remote sensing applications 45
One of the following:
CS 1000 Engineering computing 45
CS 1020 Introduction to programming in C++ 45
CS 1021 Introduction to programming in Java 45
CS 1410 Introduction to computer science I 60
CS 2000 Introduction to program design in C 60
Total hours in class   315 or 330

SOURCE: <http://www.geog.utah.edu/giscert/rs_track.html>.

a 3 semester credit hours = 45 hours in class.

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