Recommendation S-11 (6-4): Each NNI agency should identify best practices in intellectual property management and transfer those practices that were developed by it or by other institutions and then share among all agencies the recommended templates and guidelines for such best practices.


The NSET Subcommittee, NNI agencies, and the NNCO are to be commended for their work and progress to date in coordinating such a diverse multiagency program. The NNI has been a leader among interagency initiatives in many ways. Now it has an opportunity to make the initiative more effective and as a result more valuable to the nanotechnology community and the nation. Taking action to implement the recommendations in this report will be a measurable next step, which the committee believes will help the initiative to better fulfill its goals and facilitate progress toward its vision. It is noted that the recommendations in this Summary are considered key recommendations but are only a subset of all the recommendations the committee made. For the full set of recommendations see Chapters 2 through 6 in this report.

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