Monitoring and Reporting Provisions

CFBAI monitors and reports on companies’ compliance with its commitments in several ways:

•   It requires companies to submit self-assessments, which provides an opportunity to detect and correct problems.

•   It performs independent monitoring of media, including children’s programming and many websites.

•   It conducts inquiries into complaints.

•   It publishes its findings in annual reports1 to provide transparency.


Kolish cited a number of accomplishments of CFBAI participants that have resulted from the initiative’s efforts:

•   The use of nutrition standards to limit what foods are included in child-directed advertising has shifted attention to healthier foods. More than 100 foods have been changed or created to meet nutrition standards.

•   Other foods are no longer advertised or have been discontinued, and the reformulation of foods and development of new, healthier products are ongoing.

•   More advertised foods have fewer calories and less sodium, sugar, or fat and more calcium, vitamin D, potassium, and fiber. For example, 71 percent of ads are for foods with at least a half-serving of fruit or whole grains, which represents a 40 percent increase from 2010.

•   All meals, including small meals, now include fruit and/or a vegetable as a side dish.

•   More products now contain whole grain or a larger amount of whole grain than they did in the past. For example, 71 percent of cereals covered by the program, up from 60 percent in 2011, contain at least 8 grams of whole grain per serving.

•   Both McDonald’s and Burger King recently dropped the caramel dipping sauces that were advertised and included with apples in children’s meals.

•   The sugar content of most cereal has steadily declined, from 15 grams of sugar per serving to less than or equal to 10 grams,


1Annual reports are available at (accessed February 5, 2013).

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