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transgenic plant generation for crop protection. Diversa’s most successful product was the laccase enzyme that it sold to the paper pulp industry to replace bleach in whitening of paper pulp.

Project: Development of Recombinant Luciferase and Related Reagents for Portable Photometric Reagents

Russian Institutes:

Gamaleya Institute of Epidemiology and Microbiology, Moscow Moscow State University

Industry Partner:

New Horizon Diagnostics Corp. (NHD)

The project resulted in the establishment of the company Lumtek LLC in 2004. Lumtek was tasked by NHD to improve current bioluminescence-based detector hardware and reagents for a range of commercial detectors. Lumtek successfully designed and manufactured a new Russian Luminometer. Lumtek continues to manufacture test systems, including a Luminometer device and reagents for biocontamination express control for customers in Russia, Ukraine, and France. The target markets are food industry, ecology, and medicine. In May 2012, NHD initiated quality control and assurance procedures of the Lumtek reagents and Luminometers. If successful, Lumtek plans to sell its products to NHD, and NHD will market them in the United States. NHD would like to contract with Lumtek for production of at least 100,000 test systems and 100–300 Luminometers per year.

Combined Projects: Development of Microbiological Methods for Oil Pollution Decontamination in Soil and Water Surface and Symbiont—Plant Growth Regulator

Russian Institute:

JSC Biochimmash

Industry Partner:

Dye Seed Ranch Inc.

An oil biodegradant prep was developed and successfully tested in Montana during this 3-year project. Dye Seed supported the trials conducted by Biochimmash in Siberia and other parts of Russia and reported the results of the trials to the Montana Gas and Oil Committee. Under the Plant Growth Regulator project, Biochimmash developed a plant growth accelerator that shortens the cultivation period of agricultural products and grass. After successful completion of the project, Biochimmash renovated the pilot production facility to manufacture the oil-degrading prep and plant growth accelerator (entitled MICEFIT). After renovation, the pilot plant became the spin-off company Bioprogress that leases the facility and equipment from Biochimmash. Bioprogress produces the oil biodegradant and plant growth accelerator and sells it to oil-production companies and farmers. Bioprogress produces other natural compounds as well. Bioprogress’s

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