FIGURE 3-1 A comparison of the concepts of recoverable, technical, and practical power. The flowchart describes the filters adopted in each concept. TOC, MOC, and ROC stand for threshold operating condition, maximum operating condition, and rated operating condition.

necessarily cost effective but stays within the definition of the technical resource. However, all wave-energy conversion devices will have systems to convert energy from mechanical to electrical form and for electrical transmission needs. None of these systems are likely to operate at efficiencies much greater than 90 percent and will probably have more realistic efficiencies of 50-70 percent. This calls into question claims of wave energy facilities that capture 90 percent or more of the available energy. As emphasized in Figure 3-1, it is important to place these numbers in the appropriate framework.


The committee agreed that the assessed estimates of monthly or annual mean wave power were the primary metrics for validation. Inaccuracies in these estimates could result from two primary sources of error: (1) inaccuracies in the WAVEWATCH III simulations and (2) differences between the full and reconstructed wave spectra.

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