In April, 2012, the Air Force Deputy Assistant Secretary for Energy requested that the National Research Council (NRC) conduct a workshop titled “Energy Reduction at Air Force Facilities Using Industrial Processes,” and produce a summary report. The terms of reference (TOR) for this workshop are shown in Box 1-1.

BOX 1-1

Terms of Reference

An ad hoc committee will plan and convene one 3-day public workshop to discuss: (1) what are the current industrial processes that are least efficient and most cost ineffective? (2) what are best practices in comparable facilities for comparable processes to achieve energy efficiency? (3) what are the potential applications for the best practices to be found in comparable facilities for comparable processes to achieve energy efficiency? (4) what are constraints and considerations that might limit applicability to Air Force facilities and processes over the next ten (10) year implementation time frame? (5) what are the costs and paybacks from implementation of the best practices? (6) what will be a proposed resulting scheme of priorities for study and implementation of the identified best practices? (7) what does a holistic representation of energy and water consumption look like within operations and maintenance?

The committee will develop the agenda for the workshop, select and invite speakers and discussants, and moderate the discussions.

The topics at the workshop will also consider effective strategies and business approaches to foster culture change and select technology portfolios that could reduce infrastructure energy and water consumption and increase resilience at military installations while assuring energy for mission critical capabilities across the Department of Defense. Special attention will be given to installations that have antiquated facilities, massive industrial processes, and demolition/consolidation opportunities. The workshop will use a mix of individual presentations and question-and-answer sessions to develop an understanding of the relevant issues. Key stakeholders would be identified and invited to participate. One individually authored Workshop Summary document will be prepared by a designated rapporteur.1


1 Finally, it is important to note that this rapporteur-authored workshop summary does not contain consensus findings and recommendations, which are produced only by ad hoc NRC study committees.


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