Speaker: Col Douglas Wise, Chief, CE Operations and Readiness Division, HQ AFMC/A70

Presentation Title: AFMC Facility Energy Program

The DoD is the largest single user of energy in the US. In 2011, the DoD spent almost $20B on energy and the Air Force made up almost half of that amount. The vast majority of the Air Force’s energy use is for aviation fuels with smaller amounts consumed in facilities/utilities and transportation energy. For AFMC, the figures for aviation and facilities/utilities energy are reversed. AFMC therefore is focusing on facilities/utilities energy. In addition, AFMC is falling short of Executive Order goals for energy and water intensity reduction. By 2015, it is estimated that AFMC will fall 10% short of the energy intensity goal. To close this gap, AFMC needs to look at loads not associated with the facility envelope. This type of energy is defined as Process Energy, which includes IT, labs, medical, and industrial energy. For AFMC, we are currently focusing on our large industrial complexes as they consume a significant portion of our energy. This energy is currently being termed Industrial Process Energy (IPE). In 2012, AFMC/A6/7 partnered with AFMC/A4 to initiate an IPE IPT. AFMC/A4 subsequently took the lead to develop an IPE action plan, which is currently under development.

Speaker: Col Stephen Wood, Vice Commander, Air Force Sustainment Center

Presentation Title: Air Force Sustainment Center: Process Energy Update

Col Steve Wood will discuss key aspects of Air Force Sustainment Center process energy. The discussion framework is provided so the audience can understand the Air Force and Air Force Material Command energy environment, and then AFSC’s Energy & infrastructure portfolio supported by detailed data associated with AFSC installations; Tinker, Hill, and Robins AFBs. Follow-on emphasis is provided regarding AFSC/CC Energy Philosophy as well as accomplishment, challenges, enablers, and future focus for process energy reductions.

Speaker: Kirk Rutland, Technical Director, Test Sustainment Division, Arnold Engineering and Development Complex

Presentation Title: Energy Reduction: AEDC Perspective

AEDC is a primary ground test component within DoD’s Major Range and Test Facility Base (MRTFB). As part of the MRTFB, AEDC’s mission is to provide decision quality data for acquisition programs. It’s extensive suite of test facilities are operated and maintained using Air Force RDT&E funding. Historically, approximately 92% of the energy consumed at AEDC is directly related to the test mission. Annual fluctuations in total energy demand are a product of the type and level of test workload. The majority of AEDC’s test infrastructure was designed and constructed prior to 1980 and is heavily

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