energy management as well as core considerations to lead a culture change were discussed.

Speaker: Roger Weir, Energy Manager, ATK Aerospace Systems

Presentation Title: ATK Energy Efficiency Initiatives

ATK is a Fortune 500 aerospace, defense, and commercial products company with operations in 21 states, the Dominican Republic, Puerto Rico, and internationally. World’s top producer of solid rocket propulsion systems. World’s largest producer of military ammunition. Leader in affordable precision weapons, propellants, and energetic. Leading brands in law enforcement and sporting ammunition. Leading brands in soldier systems, sporting, and hunting accessories. Provider of advanced composite structures, satellite components, and subsystems. ATK operates in 3 business units; Aerospace, Defense and Sporting. Enterprise-wide Energy Team formed in 2003, 24 locations participate on the corporate team. Emphasis is on communication and sharing of best practices and lessons learned. The Team has four “working groups” centered on: Lighting, Compressed Air, Steam, and Natural Gas. Working groups meet monthly to discuss issues impacting energy costs and efficiency. Team Mission: Manage Energy Costs and Consumption - Not just pay bills. Work with providers and regulators to control costs and maximize savings. Develop meaningful measures of energy performance. Facilitate implementation of cost effective energy projects. Encourage Communication, within locations and across all locations. Provide Forum to share Best Practices as well as Lessons Learned. Be a single source for all energy and energy related information. Track Green-House-Gas emissions and minimize carbon footprint. Cultivate increased energy awareness across all ATK employees. Team projects generate more than $2M in annual energy savings and total actual energy usage has been decreasing consistently for the past 3 years. Focus of many of the projects has been to identify waste, make use of it or eliminate it. Efficiency improvements have been included in many process improvement projects. Measuring energy usage and providing data and usage goals to operating areas has been a focus at several locations ATK has also been actively engaged with DOE to help develop new energy technologies to put wasted energy to use and optimize operation of renewable resources and electric storage.

Speaker: Col Gregory Ottoman, Chief, Environment and Energy Division, Office of the Deputy Chief of Staff for Logistics, Installations, and Mission Support

Presentation Title: Air Force Facility Energy Initiatives

The Air Force Facility Energy Program is focused on making sound fiscal investments, meeting Air Force mission requirements, and complying with numerous statutory goals and executive orders. The Air Force has made significant investments in energy and water conservations projects over the last 18 years that have reduced energy

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