Steam Users

■  Eliminate or Find a Use for Vented Steam

■  Install Jet Compressor to Make Low Pressure Steam Useful

■  Shift Users to Lowest Header Pressure Possible

■  Optimize Steam Balance with the Right Combination of Motors and Turbines

■  Install Condensate Flash Tanks to Recover Low Pressure Steam

■  Reduce Pressure of Heating Steam During Warmer Weather

■  Use Turbines Instead of PRV’s to Reduce Steam Pressure

■  Adjust Steam Header Pressures to Maximize Turbine Work

■  Close Turbine Hand Valves

■  If Turbine Exhaust Must Be Vented, Vent Those Turbines to Atmosphere

■  Install Smaller Turbine Nozzles

■  Repair Steam Leaks

■  Isolate Unused Steam Lines

■  Eliminate Long Steam Lines with Low Flow

■  Establish an Effective Steam Trap Maintenance Program

■  Reduce Failed Steam Traps to <5% of Total

■  Ensure Bypass Valve Around PRV’s Is Not Leaking

■  Return All Condensate

■  Recover Waste Heat Wherever Possible

■  Replace Steam Vacuum Jets with Mechanical Vacuum Pumps

■  Be Sure Vacuum Jets Have the Correct Nozzle Size

■  Operate the Minimum Number of Vacuum Jets

■  Be Sure Vacuum Jets Have the Correct Steam Supply and Exhaust

■  Check Actual Steam Consumption Against Design

■  Check Turbine and Condenser Performance Regularly

■  Keep All Steam, Dowtherm, and Condensate Lines Properly Insulated

■  Provide New Heat Tracing as Electric, Not Steam

■  Conduct a PINCH Technology Survey

Electrical Loads

■  Buy New High Efficiency Motors Instead of Rewinding Failed Motors

■  Install High Efficiency Motors for New Applications

■  Change to Smaller Motors on Lightly Loaded Drives

■  Challenge the Need for Every Motor Running

■  Use Variable Frequency Drives If Flow Rate/Load Varies Widely

■  Use Daylighting Where Possible

■  Remove Lamps Where Illumination Is More Than Is Needed

■  Promote Turning Off Lights and PCs When Not In Use

■  Use Photocells, Timers, or Motion Detectors to Operate Lights

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