■  Replace Incandescent Lamps with Fluorescent, Sodium Vapor, or Metal Halide Fixtures

■  Replace Safety Shower and Fire Alarm Incandescent Lamps with Compact Fluorescent Lamps

■  Replace Fluorescent Ballasts and Lamps with High Efficiency Electronic Type Ballasts and T8 Lamps

■  Request a Lighting Survey

■  Clean Light Fixtures to Improve Efficiency/Light Levels

■  Provide Electric Tracing Rather Than Steam Tracing

■  Provide Controls on Self-Limiting Electrical Tracing

■  Maintain Heat Tracing Thermostats and Controls

■  Do Not Provide Heat Tracing For Freeze Protection on Lines 6” or Larger

■  Keep Electrical Equipment Cool

Electrical Power Distribution

■  Buy All Electricity Under One Contract

■  Take Advantage of Utility Incentives for Demand Side Management

■  Request an Interruptible Electrical Contract

■  Have a Load Reduction Plan to Avoid Setting New Electrical Peaks

■  Take Advantage of Utility Incentives for Demand Peak Shaving

■  Use Diesel Generators to Shave Peaks

■  Increase Turbine Generator Load to Shave Peaks

■  Transfer Loads from Motors to Turbines to Shave Peaks

■  Avoid Setting Peaks by Cycling Nonessential Equipment

■  Run Nonessential Equipment and Batch Processes During Off Peak Hours

■  Delay Starting Motors Until a New Peak Can Be Avoided

■  Switch Large Motors Quickly to Avoid Setting a New Peak

■  Install a Power Monitoring System to Enable Load Management

■  Trend Plant Loads to Avoid Adding Unnecessary Distribution Equipment

■  Analyze Power Usage to Identify Energy Reduction Opportunities

■  Install Capacitors to Increase Power Factor

■  Install Solar Photovoltaic Systems for Small Remote Loads

■  Specify High Efficiency for New Power Transformers


■  Allow Condenser Pressure to Drop With Reduced Cooling Water Temperature

■  Control Condenser Pressure to Reduce Horsepower

■  Vary the Hot Gas Bypass Control Set Point With Condenser Pressure

■  Monitor Energy Consumption Per Ton to Detect Poor Machine Performance

■  Increase Chilled Water Delta T Across Machines to Design Or Greater Values

■  Maintain Proper Amounts of Refrigerant Charge

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