Sabot: Protective device used when injecting an IFE target into the chamber at high speed.

Shock ignition: ICF technique that uses hydrodynamic shocks to ignite the compressed hot spot.

Target: Fuel capsule, together with a holhraum or other energy-focusing device (if one is used), that is struck by the driver’s incident energy in order to initiate fusion reactions.

Wall-plug efficiency: Energy conversion efficiency defined as a ratio of the total driver output power to the input electrical power.

Wetted wall: Fusion reactor chamber’s first wall that features a renewable, thin layer of liquid.




APG advanced phosphate glass
AWE Atomic Weapons Establishment
BOP balance of plant
CEA Commissariat à l’energie atomique
CELIA Centre lasers intenses et applications
COE cost of electricity
CPA chirped-pulse amplification
CPP continuous-phase plate
CVD chemical vapor deposition
D deuterium
DD (drive context) direct drive
DEMO demonstration plant
DOE Department of Energy
DPSSL diode-pumped solid-state laser
DT deuterium-tritium
ELI Extreme Light Infrastructure
ETF engineering test facility
FAIR Facility for Antiproton and Ion Research

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