objectives is of great technical importance, both for heavy-ion inertial fusion energy applications and for high-energy-density physics. (Conclusion 2-7)

Conclusion: Restarting the High-Current Experiment to undertake driver-scale beam transport experiments and restarting the enabling technology programs are crucial to reestablishing a heavy-ion fusion program. (Conclusion 2-8)

Pulsed-Power Drivers

Conclusion: There has been considerable progress in the development of efficient pulsed-power drivers of the type needed for inertial confinement fusion applications, and the funding is in place to continue along that path. (Conclusion 2-12)

Conclusion: The major technology development issues that would have to be resolved to make a pulsed-power IFE system feasible—the recyclable transmission line and the ultra-high-yield chamber—are not receiving any significant attention. (Conclusion 2-14)

Recommendation: Physics issues associated with the Magnetized Liner Inertial Fusion (MagLIF) concept should be addressed in single-pulse mode during the next 5 years so as to determine its scientific feasibility. (Recommendation 2-2)

Recommendation: Technical issues associated with the viability of recyclable transmission lines and 0.1-Hz, 10-GJ-yield chambers should be addressed with engineering feasibility studies in the next 5 years to assess the technical feasibility of MagLIF as an inertial fusion energy system option. (Recommendation 2-3)

Other Critical Technologies for Inertial Fusion Energy

Conclusion: Significant IFE technology research and engineering efforts are required to identify and develop solutions for critical technology issues and systems, among them targets and target systems; reaction chambers (first wall/blanket/shield); materials development; tritium production, recovery, and management systems; environment and safety protection systems; and economic analysis. (Conclusion 3-3)

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