that the NRC pursue additional emergency preparedness topics related to multiunit events and prolonged station blackout.

11. The Task Force recommends, as part of the longer term review, that the NRC should pursue emergency preparedness topics related to decisionmaking, radiation monitoring, and public education.

Improving the Efficiency of NRC Programs

12. The Task Force recommends that the NRC strengthen regulatory oversight of licensee safety performance (i.e., the Reactor Oversight Process) by focusing more attention on defense-in-depth requirements consistent with the recommended defense-in-depth framework. (USNRC NTTF, 2011, p. ix)

The USNRC is using these Near-Term Task Force recommendations as the basis for developing regulatory actions. By the first anniversary of the Fukushima Daiichi accident, several regulatory actions had already been taken. These included requests for information from nuclear plant licensees, orders for immediate actions, and regulatory rulemaking. These actions are summarized in Table F.1 and described below.

TABLE F.1 Summary of USNRC Actions following the Fukushima Nuclear Accident Through May 2014

Regulatory Action Summary Description Method

Seismic and flood walkdownsa Inspect existing protection features against seismic and flood design-basis events; correct degraded conditions Information request
Seismic reevaluationsb Reanalyze potential seismic effects using present-day information to determine if safety upgrades are needed Information request
Flooding reevaluationsc Reanalyze potential flooding effects using present-day information to determine if safety upgrades are needed Information request
Emergency preparednessd Assess staffing needs and communication capabilities to effectively respond to an event affecting multiple units Information request
Spent fuel pool instrumentatione Provide a reliable wide-range indication of water level in spent fuel storage pools Regulatory order

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