Box O-1 contains potential actions that could be implemented within 6 months, which were suggested by various workshop participants to enable the Air Force to begin to address its ever-increasing sustainment costs.

BOX O-1 Possible Action Items Suggested by One Workshop Participant for Air Force Consideration

A. Initiate a sustainment pilot project, championed by the Air Force chief of staff and led by the Air Force Materiel Command commander, partnering with another Major Command, using the Navy’s NAVAIR sustainment program as a template to:1

1. Manage Air Force weapon system sustainment (WSS) as an integrated enterprise that cuts across program boundaries.

2. Define a user-driven outcome the Air Force intends to achieve for the selected system, and describe the high-level supporting metrics that will be used to measure progress toward this outcome.

3. Decide who is the single individual or office responsible for managing Air Force WSS costs.

4. Define a simple, standard tool to use for a system’s sustainment business case analysis that includes visibility over all actual sustainment costs incurred.

5. Establish or enhance transparency of total sustainment costs across the system’s life cycle as well as across all Air Force sustainment and operational organizations.

B. Utilize the CORONA conference2 mechanism to reach agreement among 4-star process owners as to the outcome metric to be used for the pilot program.


1The transformation of the Naval Aviation Enterprise went well beyond solely the application of “Lean” principles and into wide-ranging organizational and cultural changes.

2CORONA conferences are held three times a year allowing the secretary of the Air Force, the chief of staff, and senior Air Force military leaders to come together for open discussions on issues relevant to the Air Force's future.

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