WARNING: This levee, dike, or other structure has been provisionally accredited and mapped as providing protection from the 1-percent-annual-chance flood. To maintain accreditation, the levee owner or community is required to submit documentation necessary to comply with 44 CFR Section 65.10 by ( , ). Because of the risk of overtopping or failure of the structure, communities should take proper precautions to protect lives and minimize damages in these areas, such as issuing an evacuation plan and encouraging property owners to purchase flood insurance.

The DFIRM in Figure 1 shows a levee on the east side of the river and Zone X (shaded) landward of the levee, with the warning note pointing to the levee. If a Zone X (shaded) area is already depicted on the effective FIRM/DFIRM, then the revised levee note can be added to the existing Zone X (shaded) area, as shown in Figure 1. If no Zone X (shaded) area exists on the effective FIRM/DFIRM, then the mapping partner should define the provisional Zone X (shaded) area using the best available data.

Flood Insurance Study Report Requirements

The Flood Insurance Study report should not be revised to identify those levees and levee systems that are eligible for the PAL designation.

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