• Table F-1 Evidence Tables: CVD/Stroke/Mortality Randomized Controlled Trials
  • Table F-2 Evidence Tables: CVD/Stroke/Mortality Cohort Studies
  • Table F-3 Evidence Tables: CVD/Stroke/Mortality Case-Control Studies
  • Table F-4 Evidence Tables: Congestive Heart Failure Randomized Controlled Trials
  • Table F-5 Evidence Tables: Congestive Heart Failure Cohort Studies
  • Table F-6 Evidence Tables: Kidney Disease Cohort Studies
  • Table F-7 Evidence Tables: Diabetes Cohort Studies
  • Table F-8 Evidence Tables: Metabolic Syndrome and Diabetes Cross-Sectional Studies
  • Table F-9 Evidence Tables: Gastrointestinal Cancer Cohort Studies
  • Table F-10 Evidence Tables: Gastrointestinal Cancer Case-Control Studies


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