Mission Description Objective Relevant Sensor Technology
SA, force protection Concealed weapons detection Detect concealed weapons among general populace Millimeter wave radar, metal detector, magnetometer
SA, force protection Life signs monitoring Remote detection of fallen-Soldier life status Millimeter wave radar, acoustics, laser
Force protection Perimeter surveillance Force protection in vicinity of encampment Radar, IRST, acoustics, SIGINT
Force protection, precision targeting Counterrocket, artillery, and mortar (CRAM) Force protection in vicinity of encampment Radar, IRST, acoustics
Force protection Counterimprovised explosive device (CIED) Detect and locate likely improvised explosive device (IED) emplacements Radar, HSI/MSI, SIGINT
Force protection, precision targeting Counter-shot/sniper Detect location of small arms fire Acoustics, IRST
Force protection Mine detection Detect buried mines Ground penetrating radar, HSI/MSI, magnetometer, metal detector
Force protection CBRN agent detection Detect threatening agents to support evasive actions CBRN-tailored sensors, remote sensing techniques (radar, EO/IR, HSI/MSI)
Precision Targeting Vehicle engagement Target armored and nonarmored vehicles IR, radar, optical sights

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