the span of human and materiel dimensions and that evolve continuously with changing threats and opportunities.

Recommendation 4: The Army should establish an executive authority for TSU integration, responsible for option generation and evaluation, requirements currency, and programmatic acquisition for the Soldier and TSU within a metrics-driven, system-of-systems engineering environment.


The committee identified many opportunities to improve the capability of TSUs in ways that could potentially ensure that future TSUs have decisive overmatch across the range of military operations expected in future deployments. In the committee’s judgment, many of these opportunities will have their greatest effect only if both materiel and non-materiel factors from across the DOTMLPF (Doctrine, Organization, Training, Materiel, Leadership and Education, Personnel and Facilities) domains are integrated in an optimized capability solution, in accordance with the four recommendations stated above. All these opportunities, or capability options, will have interactive consequences, positive and negative, that will require the rigorous assessment and design approach embodied in Recommendations 1 through 4 to find the optimal set. For this reason these four recommendations have higher priority for achieving TSU overmatch than the other eleven report recommendations.

The committee concluded that the capability solutions with the highest potential to contribute to decisive overmatch would likely fall into one or more of five solution areas:

   Designing the TSU

   Focusing on TSU Training

   Integrating the TSU into Army Networks

   Balancing TSU Maneuverability, Military Effects, and Survivability

   Leveraging Advances in Portable Power

Designing the TSU

The principles for achieving overmatch reflected in Recommendations 1 through 4 will allow the Army to leverage Soldier performance as never before and to determine the TSU design that will be dominant across the full range of combat and stability operations. A systems approach that focuses on developing TSU metrics can expand TSU design options, enabling the Army to fully exploit the capabilities of Soldiers and equipment. The TSU should not be viewed as just an organization or formation but as a system of systems. A holistic, top-down

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