Statement of Task

•  Assess the future needs of MNS health care workers based on provider type, treatment environment, and MNS disorder.

image  Examine human resource needs for effective delivery of treatments in a typical African district health care system.

image  Consider core competencies and performance requirements necessary to improve human resource capabilities for MNS disorders (e.g., diagnosis, prescribing of medicines, patient monitoring).

•  Discuss potential mechanisms for task shifting and task sharing among human resources and across treatment locations.

•  Explore education and training opportunities for acquiring and maintaining core competencies.

image  Consider existing and potential partnerships for:

image  Developing programs to train current providers to reach core competencies.

image  Implementing training programs.

•  Consider tangible next steps for the dissemination of identified human resource core competencies and performance requirements.

that all candidate core competencies discussed by workshop participants were included. Finally, the templates were edited again to ensure consistency.

The following report summarizes the presentations and discussions by the expert panelists and participants during the plenary sessions of the workshop. Included is a summary table of candidate core competencies for providers treating patients with depression, psychosis, epilepsy, or alcohol use disorders (Appendix A). It is based on an expanded list of candidate core competencies discussed by the working groups (Appendix B). These candidate core competencies, as discussed by workshop participants, could potentially apply to the general population; however, specific populations (e.g., children, adolescents) were not discussed. It is important to note that the workshop was not designed or conducted as a consensus process, and the candidate core competencies described in this report and appendixes are not a formal consensus product of the workshop or the working groups. Rather, they are a compilation of all comments by workshop participants, and should be attributed to the rapporteurs of this summary as informed by the workshop.

Throughout the workshop, many speakers and participants employed the phrase “mental health” in reference to health care systems, treatment

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