FIGURE 5-1 Phases of staffing model development and implementation.

Figure 5-1 provides a high-level overview of the major steps from model development through implementation. Each of these steps comprises a number of activities that should be undertaken to increase the likelihood of a successful model launch. Each activity requires time and resources. Ideally, the FAA and its staffing model experts would add to these major steps as needed and elaborate on each, specifying what needs to be done by whom and creating a schedule to be followed for each step.

Step 1 in Figure 5-1 includes all the activities associated with the actual development of the model that have been detailed in the preceding chapters. Specifically, Figure 3-1 in Chapter 3 details the five phases that should be incorporated into model development. Although the workforce planning process described in Chapter 3 and the implementation process discussed here in Chapter 5 overlap considerably, this discussion is meant to highlight the activities related to successful implementation.

Although much of the work falls on the shoulders of the experts designing the model, the input into the model will likely be the responsibility of FAA employees. The accuracy and the value of the results of the model are limited by the quality of that input. Inaccurate, biased, or incomplete data can skew the recommended staffing levels. Data from such time recording systems as the Labor Distribution Recording system are noted for their limitations and the unreliability of their data. Similarly, information about the time required for maintenance may be highly variable due to the age of the equipment, the amount it is used, and the environment in which it is used. The FAA staff will need to participate in activities aimed at developing processes that produce accurate information about the tasks ATSS personnel perform and the factors that affect the time required to perform them. Ideally, in the long term, the FAA

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